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Full Name: Arella and David
Series Name: Dark Haloes
Nationality: Israeli, American
Organization: Mossad, NSA
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. R. Zane
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Arella is an agent with the Israeli Mossad. David Gay is an agent with the American NSA.

As you noticed, there are no last names given here for Arella - she undoubtedly has one but despite looking, I saw no mention.

The two agents from different intelligence agencies as well as different countries create an ad hoc partnership which blossums into something much more as they are pooled together by their respective departments to go up against a very nasty international terrorist organization known as the Black Ravens. The struggle against that group will comprise all the action that these two will be involved in during the recorded adventures; considering how widespread and dangerous Black Raven is, that one opponent is more than enough to challenge both experienced terrorist hunters. When we first encounter the two, both have been in their line of work for some time and had already acquired their own reputation.

Arella was born and raised on a farm in the Golan region of Israel. She had grown to love working the land like her farmer father and did not anticipate anything other than such a life. Then a helicopter landed on their property when she was in grade school, her mother greeted the visitors and then said goodbye to her daughter and husband, boarded the craft, and went away for good. Arella would learn that her mother had been a Mossad operative who had given that work up but then was pulled back in. Years later when her own life took an unexpected twist, Arella would note the irony in the fact that now she, too, was in that line of work.

David has that abandonment issue as well, having an idealic young childhood in the west until his "mother upped and left [leaving him] with the sickening reality of a mechanic and bipolar father who later married a woman whose blood relatives were natives of Hades". The existence he then endured until he was old enough to leave is something too unpleasant to mention here and one he tries hard not to recall.

Together they make a pretty good team and as the dangers of the pursuit of Black Ravens get worse, they find they are drawn to each other for other reasons as well.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Dark Haloes Dark Haloes
Written by A. R. Zane
Copyright: 2019

Collection of the three previously released novellas in the series:
Dark Haloes: Kindred
Dark Haloes: Reunion
Dark Haloes: End Game
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Dark Haloes: Kindred Dark Haloes: Kindred
Written by A. R. Zane
Copyright: 2019

Subsequently released as part of the omnibus Dark Haloes.
Mossad agent Arella is teamed with David, a CIA liaison operative, to "take down a vicious worldwide terrorist network known as the Black Ravens before they unleash a biological weapon on American soil".
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2 Dark Haloes: Reunion Dark Haloes: Reunion
Written by A. R. Zane
Copyright: 2019

Subsequently released as part of the omnibus Dark Haloes.
The much needed romantic cruise that Arella and David take through Europe is ended swiftly when word comes to them of a new Black Raven terrorist attack planned somewhere in Europe. When David's past catches up with them, they find themselves wounded and hunted by a team of assassins.
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3 Dark Haloes: End Game Dark Haloes: End Game
Written by A. R. Zane
Copyright: 2019

Subsequently released as part of the omnibus Dark Haloes.
When Arella decides to have a reunion with her family, things do not go as planned as yet again the terrorist group Black Raven unleashes a new, bigger scheme that could bring about the end of civilization.
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Well, the first question I had to ask myself as I moved from the first adventure immediately into the second was whether it was in fact a series or just one big mission whose recounting was broken into three parts. After a time considering, I decided it was a bit of both but opted to treat it as a novella trilogy later repackaged as one. Yep, works for me!

This is a pretty good romantic spy series with emphasis on the romance but still quite a lot - more than enough, in fact - action to keep a junkie like me happy. I liked both Arella and David. 


My Grade: B


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