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Full Name: Marco Venetti
Nationality: Italian
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Priest

Creator: Peter Hogenkamp
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Marco Venetti is a Catholic priest.

He is definitely not a spy and is quite happy and secure in his chosen profession without any urge to try another vocation; this makes it interesting that he is now a member of a compendium full of spies and operatives and assassins. Venetti is none of those.

He is the resident priest at the Catholic church in Monterosso al Mare, a small community of a bit over 1,000 souls nestled in a cove on the northwestern side of Italy in the province of La Spezia, part of five villages in Cinque Terre. Living in such a beautiful place is not only calming and serene, it affords him frequent opportunity to partake in one of his passions - scuba diving.

Venetti had learned this skill from his time in the Italian navy years before and kept up his abilities with it ever since, becoming very confident underwater. This is be the environment that we will watch him take actions that shift him, temporarily at least, from his starched collar ecclesiastical work to those more common to those in the cloak and dagger worlds.

While Venetti is definitely a man-of-the-cloth and one who takes his vows very seriously, he is by no means a meek and timid man. He may at times decide to turn the other cheek but he is not a man to upset because he has only two cheeks and then, well, it is his turn. In the regards, we will find along with him that that attitude will be called upon frequently as life starts pushing him into situations quite outside the norm of his small parish.

One interesting note concerning Venetti and his Vows as well as his love of diving - he owns as part of his underwater equipment three spearguns which he has named the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In his first action in that first recorded adventure, he chooses the last one because with the Holy Ghost "he could never recall missing a shot".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Vatican Conspiracy The Vatican Conspiracy
Written by Peter Hogenkamp
Copyright: 2020

When Elena made her confession to Father Marco Venetti, it came with the news that her sister and her daughter had been kidnapped by Arabic speaking men demanding she smuggle a group into Italy on her fishing boat. Marco's feelings for Elena push him to use his former military training to help and together they learn of a frightening plot underway; a terrorist attack on the Vatican.
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2 The Vatican Secret The Vatican Secret
Written by Peter Hogenkamp
Copyright: 2021

"There is a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Vatican City’s deadliest enemy. And time is running out to stop an attack… Marco Venetti, the only man the Pope trusts, has tracked down the traitor who nearly succeeded in his mission to kill the Pope. But the traitor holds a crucial piece of information: the name of the Russian mafioso in possession of a nuclear bomb."
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I went into this series without much of an idea what to expect and was extremely pleased with what I found. Venetti is a pretty terrific character to follow as he is without a doubt a good man wanting to do right by people but he is also a man who can not stand by and watch bad things happen to his friends and to innocents. 

I have no idea whether there will be any more adventures of Marco Venetti other than the two we have but if another comes out, I will be one of those getting my copy and, I am sure, enjoying it a lot.


My Grade: B+


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