Full Name: Cate Archer
Series Name: The Operative
Nationality: British
Organization: Unity
Occupation Agent

Creator: Craig Hubbard
Time Span: 2000 - 2003


Cate Archer is an agent with Unity.

In the mid-60s when these adventures take place, Unity is an international intelligence organization, the goal of which is to "protect humanity from groups or persons who want to take over the world". It has its headquarters somewhere in England though the exact location is a very closely guarded secret. It performs most of its desired functions through operatives like Archer, as well as the support staff back at HQ, but it does have a paramilitary section that can be called in when major force is needed. While Unity does not answer to any one government, it tends to support the Western powers more. Unity is run by a man known only as Mr. Jones with a Mr. Smith as his right-hand man.

Archer is Scottish citizen, born into nobility as the only child of Lord William Archer and Catherine MacDougal, though the family was actually struggling for money. MacDougal had a horrible birthing experience and died only weeks later. Lord William raised the girl as best he could but suffered from depression and took his own life when she was 14. Still a minor, she was placed into an orphanage but she snuck out one night and never looked back.

To pay her way she learned quickly how to be a pickpocket and a cat burglar, going under the nickname of 'The Fox'. At first she played it low key and just targeted tourists and people foolish enough to be noted as easy pickings. When she neared adulthood, she started working on an as-needed basis with gangs and syndicates, becoming a rather well known - as the Fox - member of the underworld.

Her transition to the spy game came when she stole the watch of an experienced Unity operative name Bruno Lawrie. She did not know that the timepiece was loaded with amenties including a tracker. Lawrie was easily able to locate her and reclaim his property; he also took the opportunity to recruit her. She was intrigued.

Archer's first few missions were all very simple and frankly quite boring, she being the only female in the field and suffering badly from sexism (this is the 60s). It was likely to have remained that way had it not been for a horrible attack by a Unity enemy which resulted in four top agents being killed and Archer given the chance to assist in bringing justice. Once that was over, she had shown everyone, including her chauvanistic Director Jones, that she was certain to become Unity's best agent.

Archer is 25 years old when we first meet her; she is extremely athletic and quite attractive with above-the-neck length brown hair and brown eyes.


Number of Games:3
First Appearance:2000
Last Appearance:2003

1 The Operative: No One Lives Forever The Operative: No One Lives Forever
Game Type: Video Game
Published by: Fox Interactive
Copyright: 2000

Developed by Monolith Productions.
After going on a series of simpler missions, Cate Archer is pulled into the big time when four ace operatives are murdered and Unity needs her to join the investigation to find the culprit and bring him/her/it to justice.

2 No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way
Game Type: Video Game
Published by: Fox Interactive/Sierra Entertainment
Copyright: 2002

Developed by Monolith Productions.
The small but strategic island of Khios has the US and USSR at each other. UNITY agent Cate Archer is sent on a series of mission working towards finding a solution to a problem keyed on that isle.

3 Contact J.A.C.K. Contact J.A.C.K.
Game Type: Video Game
Published by: Vivendi Universal Games/Sierra Entertainment
Copyright: 2003

Developed by Monolith Productions.
"The game follows John Jack, a professional killer recruited by H.A.R.M., a criminal organization central to the No One Lives Forever series. Contract J.A.C.K. is set between No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2. The game does not involve UNITY, the organization for which Cate Archer works and that opposed H.A.R.M. in the other two games. Rather, J.A.C.K. pits H.A.R.M. against a rival criminal organization, Danger Danger."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2000
Last Appearance:2002

1 The Operative: No One Lives Forever Strategy Guide The Operative: No One Lives Forever Strategy Guide
Written by Steve Honeywell
Copyright: 2000

In-depth guide to playing the first game in the series, including character bios.

2 No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way Strategy Guide No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way Strategy Guide
Written by Steve Honeywell
Copyright: 2002

In-depth guide to playing the second game in the series.


I remember now nearly a quarter century later trying to play the first game in this series and being impressed with it. I say trying because no one who saw how badly I was (and still am) at shooters would really call what I did playing. Losing, yes. Embarrassing myself, absolutely. But not playing.

And that is a shame because the game was fun and exciting and the graphics were so impressive and here I was enjoying the process of trying to play and failing so miserably and still well aware of the fact that it was a good game. Being in the game business at the time, I knew of what I spoke. Just not how to play.


My Grade: B


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