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Full Name: Scarlet Holmes
Series Name: The Scartlet Chronicles
Nationality: American
Organization: SOE
Occupation Agent

Creator: Liliana Hart
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


Scarlet Holmes is an agent for the S.O.E.

That well known acronym stood for the Special Operations Executive, started by MI6 by order of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill "to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements" (Wikipedia).

The three recorded adventures that exist come from the stories recounted by Holmes to her great-granddaughter, Ada. That little 5-year-old seems to have trouble with bullies at school and Scarlet Holmes then tries to teach the girl that there are right times and right reasons to fight and she does it sort of by recounting her experiences during the Second World War while living in France.

How a 17-year-old girl from the swampland of Georgia, born in or about 1923, came to be in France working for both British Intelligence and the French Resistance is pretty simple. Well, how she got there is, at least, as we learn almost immediately in her recounting to Ada and to us.

Holmes' father had been a very successful moonshiner using the swamp as a great hiding place. He and his partner James then used the tremendous monies the Prohibition booze brought in to become extremely successful in the real estate business. He was gone a lot traveling the state and Holmes' mother used that time to be extra friendly with other menfolk and when Daddy learned of this, things got unpleasant. As Scarlet Holmes grew up, she showed she had the same sort of independent streak, not to mention a fondness for, well, fondness, and Daddy decided getting her out of the country was in her best interest so he booted her out with a trip to France.

Timing being important in most things, landing in Paris around the same time the Nazis came to call was what got Scarlet Holmes involved in the War because Scarlet being Scarlet, she tended to act on her emotions and that made enemies of the German invaders and rather than back down, she upped the ante by finding other ways to irk the heck out of the enemy. Hence the S.O.E.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Bouncing Betty Bouncing Betty
Written by Liliana Hart
Copyright: 2021

Recounts how Scarlet Holmes of Georgia finds herself up to her garters in trouble with the Nazis in 1940 Paris and finds joining the S.O.E. to be a good way to do her part in the War.
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2 Hand Grenade Helen Hand Grenade Helen
Written by Liliana Hart
Copyright: 2021

"Scarlet Holmes has a new mission --parachuting into enemy territory and delivering detonation devices to SOE agents on the ground. But her contact is a man who isn't swayed by her beauty and wit, and she's sure he can't be trusted. But the mission isn't one that can be accomplished alone, and Scarlet learns sometimes it's better to trust the devil you know."
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3 Front Line Francis Front Line Francis
Written by Liliana Hart
Copyright: 2021

"Scarlet Holmes and the love of her life are secretly married at the height of the war. But wedded bliss is short-lived when her husband is captured as a French spy and imprisoned at Bergen-Belsen. It's up to Scarlet and an unlikely group of war heroes--women--who devise a plan to liberate the camp and save hundreds of lives."
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The adventures of Scarlet Holmes are hoots! She is such an interesting and unpredictable character that following her is always sure to get you into the thick of things because Holmes really cannot help herself.

The writing style is just as fun and done quite well but it is the characters - not just Holmes - who really make the stories a joy to read.

I have no idea whether highly gifted storyteller Lilian Hart is done with Holmes or may have a follow-up tale or two to give us in the future - I hope the latter.


My Grade: B+


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