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Full Name: A. J. Bruce and Javier Smith
Nationality: Americcan
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Randall Krzak
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


A.J. Bruce is an agent with the CIA. Javier Smith is a Colonel with Delta Force.

While they each have their own normal chain of command, they are brought together in the first recorded adventure as the Agency worked on a credible threat tip regarding ISIS and its new corroboration with Columbian drug cartels. Bruce and Smith meet in a briefing at Langley where Bruce's boss, Robert Lintstone, introduced Smith as an advisor and Bruce as his 'troubleshooter'. Smith will quickly but respectfully point out he was not there just in an advisory role. Bruce does not challenge her designation as she knows it is more than justified.

Bruce is a fairly tall, 5'10", quite athletic woman with long, brown hair. At 40 years of age, she has been with the Agency for more than enough time to have already created a reputation, looked upon favorably most of the time, as an independent, highly capable operative. Bruce is adamant at their initial meeting that she works alone; to her annoyance she is immediately overruled. In addition to her impressive service record, she has also been able to earn a Masters Degree from Georgetown University.

Javier Smith stands 6'4" with a thin scar running from his left ear to his chin, piercing green eyes and olive complexion. He is understandably proud of the fact that he still had washboard abs considering he is 45 years old. His hair is still black though streaks of gray are starting to show. Smith lets Bruce know early on that he is planning on retiring from the military; he still craves the action just as she does but he knows with his exemplary record, a star would soon replace his eagle and as he puts it, "I'm a field rar, through and through. Sticking me behind a desk in the Pentagon is like a prison sentence". He leaves the military with a promise from the Chief of Operations that when he starts his own company, a good deal of business from the Pentagon would be coming his way.

The two will have, as expected, a few getting-used-to-each-other issues at the beginning but it will not take long before both learn just how good the other is. And before they realize how close they have quickly gotten.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Colobian Betrayal Colobian Betrayal
Written by Randall Krzak
Copyright: 2020

Olivia Moreno, head of the Barranquilla Cartel, had a deal with FARC to solidify her power, not knowing that FARC was set to betray her in its own deal with ISIS. Now on the run for her life, she is captured by a CIA team lead by A.J. Bruce with whom she tries to strike a deal. Can Bruce trust the duplicitous Moreno or it is Bruce who has her own plans for betrayal?
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2 Revenge Revenge
Written by Randall Krzak
Copyright: 2021

Now stuck at desk jobs, Javier Smith at the Pentagon and A.J. Bruce at Langley, both greatly miss the action. They will both find it when they become the targets of Alberto Cabrera, one of the terrorists who survived Bruce & Smith's previous mission, creates a team of other survivors to get revenge on the pair.
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3 European Caper European Caper
Written by Randall Krzak
Copyright: -

[Not yet published]
A.J. Bruce and Javier Smith are on their honeymoon when they are asked to help investigate "a drug smuggling ring using pleasure craft to move their goods through the various European capitals".


It did not take me but a page or two before I decided I liked A.J. Bruce. It took maybe one or two more before I added Javier Smith to the good column. Together, they make for a very welcome addition to both this compendium and my list of pairs that I want more of.

As my wife of many years continues to prove, a woman of mature-ish age with self-confidence is so very, very sexy. Toss in Bruce's athleticism and willingness to kick some serious behind, well, oh yeah!

And Smith is what most men would love to think they are but aren't. Well, not me per se because people keep shooting at him and all that.

Not sure when the third book is coming out but I hope it is soon!


My Grade: B+


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