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Full Name: Bruce Cole
Nationality: British
Organization: Prime Minister
Occupation Agent

Creator: Max Dent
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


Bruce Cole is an agent for the British Prime Minister.

The actions that we follow of this man take place during the early 90s, a time when the Troubles with the Irish Republican Army is causing tremendous anxiety in the British government through frequent bombings resulting in considerable loss of property and lives and shattering the notion of security at work and home for the average citizen. The sitting Prime Minister sought a possible solution from his old friend and confident, Brigadier Charles Daventry, Director of Special Forces. After some consideration, the suggestion involved putting someone deep inside the Provisional branch of the IRA.

But there would be a difference - there would not be an attempt to get evidence to arrest the terrorists, only to see most walk on acquittal or luxuriate in a pleasant prison cell. As Daventry says, "What if we were able to fight them on their own terms, turn the tables on them, throw the rule book out of the bloody window?" To do that he chose one individual as his, and by extension, the Prime Minister's, agent. That man was Bruce Cole.

When, at the end of the first recorded adventure, the PM saw how effective the solution has been, he chose to keep Cole as his to-to-man for other problems that would arise.

Cole's background consisted of "four years in the Parachute Regiment before passing SAS selection. Married once, one son, both now living overseas. Mother and step father also living overseas. Real father is unknown. No long-term partner and you don't own property in the UK. Very few friends and I see you keep yourself out of the many pubs around Hereford where most of the regiment go to abuse themselves. ... And no tattoos."

More importantly to Daventry was Cole's tendency to conflict with many orders given him by the officers commanding him. Cole saw in them an inherent timidity and Cole's attitude is always to act. It was not a very good trait in a soldier where discipline must be maintained but it is very good for a solo operative.

Good Lines:
- Said of by Daventry about the war on terror: "We are fighting shadows, ghosts that don't wear a uniform."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Hornet's Next Hornet's Next
Written by Max Dent
Copyright: 2021

"On the 24th April 1993, the IRA detonated a massive bomb in Bishopsgate, in the heart of London's financial district. The bombing nearly brought the British Government to its knees. It was clear they couldn’t afford a second attack. The Prime Minister wanted the IRA cell responsible located. His orders were simple - find them and eliminate them. They turned to the SAS.
One man stood out. Bruce Cole. His job? To infiltrate the IRA Active Service Unit in London. The problem? He won’t be armed or have back-up from any of the security services. He is on his own."
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2 Ghost Group Ghost Group
Written by Max Dent
Copyright: 2021

"After twelve months undercover in an IRA terror cell, Bruce Cole had assumed he would return to his SAS unit. He was wrong.
The success of his last mission had given the Prime Minister ideas. He now wanted a Top Secret unit to tackle terrorist threats, anytime and anywhere. The rules were simple. Be as unconventional as necessary to get the job done. Be ghosts.
Operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Germany see Cole and his new team hitting terror groups head on. Ghost Group is born."
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3 Sniper's Bullet Sniper's Bullet
Written by Max Dent
Copyright: 2021

"A lone Serbian sniper sits concealed on a mountain side in Kosovo. He has been hunting the man or men that guided the NATO to his base.
As he searches for his prey, suddenly something moves in the valley below. As he lines up his cross-hairs, a single 7.62mm bullet speeds towards its target."
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The author did a good job with not presenting us with a case of good guy whupping the bad guys; he had us watch the bad guys present their rationale and then we following the steps that task the government to come up with its solution and then bring Cole in. Once he is in, though, he is really in. Cole is definitely an man of action.

This series is a cross between spy fiction and military fiction with much of it being the military side but enough of it falls into the cloak-and-dagger realm to justify its membership in this compendium.


My Grade: B


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