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Full Name: Tracey Verionica
Nationality: New Zealander
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Cat Connor
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Veronica 'Ronnie' Tracey is a private investigator.

Her patch is the modest city of Upper Hutt in New Zealand, part of the Wellington metropolitan area. She has not been running this small agency for long but it is already turning a nice profit and things keep looking up for her and her partner in the endeavor, said business having the interesting name of "Wherefore Art Thou".

"I have a knack for finding the unfindable," she tells us early on. "My mind wandered back to when I left the Service and founded my own business. It's not entirely my business. It's a partnership. Stephanie takes care of the accounts and keeps things running when she's not watching the cricket, rugby, or answering the fire pager. Then there is Jennifer, who is the other full-time investigator and a volunteer firefighter like Stephanie. We do regular PI-type things that include security work for companies, drug testing, loss prevention, and investigations into suspected sabotage/foul play. As well as that, there are always the unfaithful spouse cases that keep bread on the table and coffee in our pots. And I do some occasional locating work for various government agencies."

When Tracey talks of 'various government' she means exactly that. She once worked for New Zealands' intelligence organization but when they call to 'ask' her to help out in yet another important matter in the first recorded adventure, even she is surprised to learn they are asking on behalf of the U.S.'s Department of Homeland Security. Later we will see her also hobnobbing - well, so to speak - with the CIA as well as Australia's entry into the alphabet agency soup.

In addition to her PI work and her sideline gig of locating people for the Intelligence communities, Tracey spends a lot of her time on personal matters which makes her daily life very interesting to us but oddly stressful to her. She has a retired greyhound as a pet and it needs a good deal of attention. She has a male cousin who is always dropping in for one reason or another and who has a very unusual love life, and - here is the biggie - she has her 94-year-old Nana and that feisty woman's friends, aka the Cronies of Doom. You have to read of their exploits yourself. Good think Tracey has "a sense of humour and the enduring knowledge that everything is temporary".


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 [Nothing Happens Here] [Nothing Happens Here]
Written by Cat Connor
Copyright: 2021

Veronica Tracey's days are pretty full, what with her successful agency and her 94-year-old Nana and her Cronies of Doom. When a new client shows up with an unusual case, things get a lot busier. And weirder. Tracey makes it her business to find lost people. But lost garden gnomes?
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2 [Lure The Lie] [Lure The Lie]
Written by Cat Connor
Copyright: 2021

"In New Zealand indefinitely and finally out from behind a desk and back in the field, Australian intelligence officer Dave Crocker (aka Crockett) is tasked with locating a missing cryptographer, Tania Bateman. His boss decided that Crockett should work with a private investigator Veronica Tracey (Ronnie).
Ronnie’s specialty is finding people. Crockett’s specialty is solving problems.
The mysteries surrounding the missing woman and her whereabouts prior to her disappearance pose quandaries for Crockett, and don’t make Ronnie’s job any easier. As they attempt to peel back the layers of deception it becomes apparent that the lies are protecting something and they have a decision to make."
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3 [Leave A Message] [Leave A Message]
Written by Cat Connor
Copyright: 2022

Domestic cases keep their lights on and door open, but the extracurricular activities Ronnie performs for various intelligence agencies makes sure they have all the latest tech and a healthy bank balance. Former intelligence officer, Ronnie Tracey, specialises in finding people. Australian intelligence officer, Dave (Crockett) Crocker, is skilled at making problems disappear. American intelligence officer, and actor, Ben Reynolds’ strength, is in gathering intelligence.
All three are drawn into a potential crisis by a single word message. Exodus."
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4 [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot]
Written by Cat Connor
Copyright: 2023

Crockett, Ben, and Ronnie reluctantly accept an off-book mission from the Australians. They’re tasked with protecting a young social media influencer with an exceptional memory and to escort her safely to court to testify. Crockett has an extra job on his list; he’s supposed to recruit the woman for his intelligence agency but he’s not sure that is wise, or that the woman will be able to transition from ‘social media influencer’ to a career within the intelligence community.
The more time they spend with ‘Alex the influencer’ the less she seems suited to anything except taking selfies and tantrums. The more time they spend with ‘Alex the influencer’ the more they suspect something is off about Alex."
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Ever since my best friend, John, visited New Zealand and told me a lot about it, I wanted to go there. Then, of course, the Ring Trilogy movies made me crave a visit (minus the orcs and goblins and dragon), And then were the Brokenwood Mysteries and My Life Is Murder, both of which I have become addicted to.

All this fascination and no let up on my desire to go there. Can't right now but at least I can sort of visit via such series as this one. And I get to travel alongside the lovely and exciting Ronnie Tracey - all without actually being shot at!

More, please. Lots more!


My Grade: B+


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