Full Name: Edward Albright/Henry Spivey
Series Name: My Own Worst Enemy
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jason Smilovic
Time Span: 2008 - 2008


Edward Albright is an agent with an ultra-secret American Intelligence organization.

Henry Spivey is not. He is an efficiency expert who lives a solid, totally unexciting life far from danger and excitement. He is happy doing just that, pleased to be married to his lovely and loved wife Angie who also is happy to married to him. They are both pleased to be the parents of Ruthy and Jack, their two young children.

The interesting fact behind those two statements is that Albright and Spivey are the same man. Albright knows about Spivey but Spivey has no idea that Albright exists. Spivey is not aware that Albright speaks over a dozen languages flawlessly, or that Albright can and has taken lives in the service of his agency, or that Albright is not only physically able to handle himself in a fight, he would likely enjoy the opportunity. Albright loves adventure and danger. Spivey does not.

So the drama that makes up the majority of the few recorded adventures starts when Spivey, who is not supposed to ever know about Albright, starts to see the truth. He is kept from knowing his alter-ego by means of a chip implanted in his brain which Albright's handlers have control of. When the super-spy skills of Albright are needed, a signal goes out and the chip does its flip and Albright takes over. When the mission is complete, the switch is again flipped and Spivey is back. It is a great system - until the chip malfunctions and Spivey starts to learn about Albright.

Why the chip exists and why Albright/Spivey has this strange duo personality are never, as far as I found out, explained very well. Why the subterfuge and the deception. When did Spivey meet his wife and get married and have children and where was Albright during all this? Those are some very valid questions which unfortunately never got a chance to be answered.


Number of Episodes:9
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2008

Christian SlaterEdward Albright [ 1 ]
Mike O'MalleyRaymond Carter [ 1 ]
Saffron BurrowsDr. Norah Skinner [ 1 ]
Alfre WoodardMavis Heller [ 1 ]
Madchen AmickAngie Spivey [ 1 ]

According to Wikipedia, while NBC went ahead and aired the 9 episodes they had available, the decision to cancel the show was made after the 4th was aired.

1 Breakdown
Episode S1-1, first aired 10/13/2008
Director: David Semel
Writer: Jason Smilovic

Henry discovers his alter ego and tries to cope with his discovery, not knowing whether or not he should trust Mavis. Conflicts are resolved and the episode ends with Edward watching a thank you video from Henry. It is established that while the two can't meet, they can communicate.

2 The Hummingbird
Episode S1-2, first aired 10/20/2008
Director: Felix Enríquez Alcalá
Writer: Jason Smilovic

Edward and Raymond must kidnap a German software engineer with information about a possible terrorist attack. Henry tries to deal with the fact that all his childhood memories were made up. With the help of Mavis, Henry must pretend to be Edward when he accidentally meets Edward's boss, Alistair Trumbull.

3 Hello, Henry
Episode S1-3, first aired 10/27/2008
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Tyler Mitchell

Edward is double crossed when he is in Mexico in search of Russia's new age nuclear bomb. Ruthy is accidentally put into a dangerous situation by Edward, which causes an FBI agent to look into the matter. Tom/Raymond's wife thinks there is more to the business trips he always takes, so she hires a private investigator to check it out for her.

4 That Is Not My Son
Episode S1-4, first aired 11/10/2008
Director: Fred Keller
Writers: Courtney Kemp Agboh, Kim Clements

Henry awakens and finds himself in the midst of gunfire, while Edward was trying to save Raymond. He calls for help giving away his whereabouts and his identity. Mary Grady finds out the truth about Tom. He realised that his son, Jack, has got some of Edwards martial arts potential.

5 The Night Train to Moscow
Episode S1-5, first aired 11/17/2008
Director: David Semel
Writers: Rafe Judkins, Lauren LeFranc

Henry starts to suspect that Angie is a spy planted by Janus, while Edward makes a dangerous deal with a KGB agent in exchange for information regarding his past.

6 High Crimes and Turducken
Episode S1-6, first aired 11/24/2008
Director: Adam Kane
Writer: Mark Rosner

Edward puts national security in jeopardy in finding the culprit who murdered his parents. Angie braces herself in the arrival of her father. Tom gives his marriage a second chance. Henry gets to see first hand Edward's relationship with Dr. Norah Skinner.

7 Down Rio Way
Episode S1-7, first aired 12/01/2008
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: Rafe Judkins, Daniel Knauf

Edward commits treason, when asking about his parents' death. Raymond tries to reason with Tom and Mary to avoid any potential accidents.

8 Love In All the Wrong Places
Episode S1-8, first aired 12/08/2008
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer: Scott Murphy

While on a mission in Angola, Edward and Raymond find long time American hostages. Mavis and Alistair Trumbull can't agree on exactly how they want to go about bringing them home.

9 Henry and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
Episode S1-9, first aired 12/15/2008
Director: David Straiton
Writers: Rafe Judkins, Lauren LeFranc, Tyler Mitchell

Edward thinks he may have found a reliable, yet dangerous way to activate the switch between himself and Henry.


Not very many people continued to watch this show after the first episode or two. I was one of those who watched it, thought it mildly intriguing, stuck around for the second and then lost interest in it. And I am an admitted spy-fi nut.

Having said that, looking at the synopsis for a couple of the later episodes, I wonder if I had been too hasty and maybe I should schedule some time to give it another try.

For one thing it did have the terrific and always watchable Saffron Burrows, an actor that I have come to expect a lot of viewing pleasure no matter what she is on.


My Grade: B-

Your Average Grade:   B-


chiops B- 2024-06-13

I love it when you bring to my attention a spy show I''ve never heard of before. Even though it is not as high concept as Dollhouse shown a year later I''m still digging the premise. Cheers.

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