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Full Name: Bond Team
Nationality: Britich
Organization: Spy High
Occupation Agency

Creator: A. J. Butcher
Time Span: 2003 - 2005


Spy High is a school for spies.

Officially it is known as Deveraux Academy. As we are told in an introduction, it "is not what it see: The football team practicing beside the ivy-covered dormitory is merely a hologram, and the elderly receptionist could break your neck in three seconds flat. Deveraux's students rarely call the school by its proper name. They call it Spy High."

The activities that we are allowed to follow all take place, according to another blurb, "sixty years from now" in an area "north of Boston". It is there that the Academy sits on a tract of land "larger than Rhode Island" but do not expect to be able to go visit the place of higher learning; if you are not specifically invited, you are not welcome.

"The school was founded by Jonathan Deveraux, one of the wealthiest men in the world, and that he is rumoured to live on the premises but hasn't been seen in the flesh for fifteen years. They know that the school is so exclusive, so select, that not even the sons of Presidents or the daughters of rock stars can get in. They know that the College's literature talks of the 'exceptionally talented', but exceptionally talented at what? Nothing more is revealed. Ultimately, all people really know is where the college is and what it looks like. But only from the outside."

The adventures that we follow are those of a select group of Spy High students organized into a team. Teams are named after popular fictional spies: James Bond, Harry Palmer, Richard Hannay, and Napoleon Solo. The team we specifically follow is the 'Bond Team'. This group of six teenagers is expected to behave just like all the teams that came before it, as a team and highly efficient at completing its missions. Unfortunately, when we join them, there is disharmony among the ranks, starting with the competition between the elected leader and another member, both alpha males, which is fracturing the group and likely pushing them to failure. As time goes by, this works itself out.

The members of Bond Team are:

Benjamin T. Stanton: Codename Benjamin White - blue-eyed, short blond hair, handsome, way too cocky, way too rich. American. He is initially the team leader.
Lori Angel: Codename Angel Blue - long blond hair and blue eyes, very pretty. Canadian.
Jake Daly: Codename Jake Black - an intense individual with "a tangle of black hair" and dark eyes, he has "savage instincts" but not homicidal.
Jennifer Chen: no known Codename - long dark hair and green eyes. American. Of Chinese descent, she is the best martial artist in the group.
Calista Cross: Codename Calista Green - brown dreadlocks and green eyes, black skin. American.
Edward Nelligan: Codename Edward Red - bright red hair. Irish. Typically the class clown.
Rebecca 'Bex' Deveraux: Codename Agent Orange - joined the team under an alias to hide the fact she is the founder's daughter. Has multicolored hair and a good number of piercings.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2005

The 12 books that make up the entire series really consists of two sets of 6.

The first six deal with the Bond Team as a group.

The second six take place two years after graduation and follows a different Bond Team member on an individual mission, though other members of the Team may pop up here and there.

1 The Frankenstein Factory The Frankenstein Factory
aka Mission One
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2003

Their bickering is causing the Bond Team to be in danger of failing their first term exams. /Adding to the stress is the fact that those who fail the infamous Stronfeld Program test get a total mind wipe.

2 The Chaos Connection The Chaos Connection
aka Chaos Rising
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2003

"It's a new term and Bond Team are still hanging together . just. Lessons are tougher, assignments are harder and rumours of a sinister organisation that's hunting down and slaying spies are growing. But what's really on the team's mind is Spy High's annual competition: Last Man Standing. Defeating the other squads at Spy High is their ticket to respect and fame. But only the slickest teams have even a chance of winning. So it's probably not a great time for Lori to be ditching Ben."

3 The Serpent Scenario The Serpent Scenario
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2003

"It's utterly forbidden for students to leave the Deveraux College grounds - except on official Spy High business. The punishments are legendary and no one has gone AWOL in living memory - until Jen. Jake's convinced it has something to do with her murky past on the streets of LA and persuades Bond Team to mount a search. But instead of Jen, all the trainee agents find in Undertown LA are rival gangs dealing in a deadly new drug known as Drac. Drac is instantly and horribly addictive, turning users into pumped up zombies with an alarming desire for fresh blood. It's going to take all of Bond Team's training to stay alive long enough to locate Jen, and more than that to shut the dealers down."

4 The Paranoia Plot The Paranoia Plot
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2003

"Bond Team have a new recruit. She's cute (Eddie is already starry-eyed), she's clever (Lori and Ben are well impressed) and she's hard as nails (as Eddie will soon find out!). But she's not Jennifer. Which probably explains why Jake doesn't like her. Then again, his feelings might stem from the fact that agents started to go missing about the same time as their new team-mate arrived. And for some reason equipment keeps going dangerously wrong when Bex is around. Could it be that Bond Team are harbouring a double agent.?"

5 The Soul Stealer The Soul Stealer
aka Blood Relations
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2003

"The Spy High final exams are two grueling weeks of simulated espionage missions. Bond Team will be deprived of sleep, food and water. Given dodgy weapons and worse advice. Forced to go up against their own friends. And offered absolutely no respite. If they survive, they'll realize their dreams and graduate from the world's most elite and secretive college. If they fail . they won't even remember they were there."

6 The Annihilation Agenda The Annihilation Agenda
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2004

"Bond Team thought Mr Bigs were something you only found in simulations. They've just been proved wrong. The organisation they've been asked to investigate is far more insidious and far- reaching than anything they've come up against before. Top politicians, heads of state, army chiefs and business leaders will all die before revealing just how deep the conspiracy goes. (Some of them even voluntarily!) And as Bond Team come closer to the source of the chaos they discover that part of the answer lies very close to home, while the rest is from . beyond the stars."

7 Edward Red Edward Red
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2004

"Eddie 'the spy with a smile' Nelligan has been called in to investigate an international terror ring who are people trafficking for profit (and spreading a lethal genetic plague into the bargain). It's his first solo assignment and all he has to do is save the world..."

8 Angel Blue Angel Blue
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2004

"Lori Angel is reveling in her new role as spy in the field. She's split up from Jake and got a little wild (imagine the three Charlies' Angels combined) and now she's caught up in an investigation into corruption and drug-running within the US Federal Bureau."

9 Benjamin White Benjamin White
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2005

"Ben Stanton [has] turned his back on his wealthy family and devotes his time away from missions to charitable work in deprived countries. One such personal quests leads Ben to the border region of Wallachia - home to his old nemesis Vlad Tepesch. Tepesch has begun a campaign of ethnic cleansing that could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe - and that's just for starters."

10 Calista Green Calista Green
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2005

"Since Cally graduated from Spy High she's spent pretty much all that time in deep cover. The college want her to infiltrate a gang of young techno-terrorists who make viruses to hire for industrial espionage. Cally's mission takes her through the a series of adventures against the backdrop of near-future cities along the Pacific Rim and concludes with a stunning sequence above the soaring towers of New Hong Kong."

11 Jake Black Jake Black
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2005

"Disillusioned with Spy High's methods, Jake chooses to join the Deveraux organization's secretive Black Ops Division, where the rules don't matter as long as you get the job done. Now, the newly authorized Jake Black must infiltrate a group of apocalyptic terrorists and shut down their mad scheme to destroy the Earth. But Jake's about to find out that if you fight fire with fire, sooner or later you're going to get burned."

12 Agent Orange Agent Orange
Written by A. J. Butcher
Copyright: 2005

"When Rebecca (Bex) Deveraux's father – the lord and master of Spy High – sends her friend for mind-wiping, Bex realizes her dad may be becoming just what his institution was created to counter: a raging megalomaniac! He's sending more and more spies on suspect missions and he's increased the armaments at Spy High threefold. Worse, Bex has discovered plans that suggest her dear old dad is building a vast mechanoid army. And she's fairly sure he won't be employing them to tend the grounds at Spy High."


I be compounding an issue with my listing these under Young Adult which is where I have seen them on other sites, mostly hawking the books. If they are, they are more like Near Adult or Adult-ish because these teens get up to a whole lot of things that real life teenagers do all the time but which does not get put into books designated for them. In other words ... s - e - x.

Plus there is the fact that not all of them live through all the adventures which is way outside the norm for young adult literature. 

Taking place just over a half century in the future, there is a fair amount of new technology that gets thrown into the mix - virtual reality is a major thing as is cloning, making this a neat combination of spy-fi and sci-fi.


My Grade: B


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