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Full Name: Connor Reed
Nationality: British
Organization: The Chameleon Project
Occupation Agent

Creator: Quentin Black
Time Span: 2017 - 2024


Connor Reed is an agent with The Chameleon Project.

First, about that organization, we are told that it was "the most operationally effective unit within the UK's security services. The Chameleon Project was deniable with only a select few in the upper echelons knowing of its existence. Created in 1999, the unit's original remit was to deal with domestic threats born from the arrival of international organised crime syndicates. Many of these overseas crime lords settled in the UK to escape the harsher judicial system of their homelands. It had been decided by the powers at the top that the fallout in time, money, effort, and reputation to deal with these individuals using normal legal means was too expensive. Some other way was needed.

The black-ops unit is lead by Bruce McQuillan was that other way. "The missions they carried out were highly sensitive: blackmail, extradition, enhanced interrogation and assassinations were among the methods used."

McQuillan plays a major role in all of the adventures, so much so that had Connor Reed not be designated, rightly so, as the main character, McQuillan could easily have been slotted in that position. McQuillan is a pretty fascinating individual who would be a bad fellow to make enemies with.

But the star attraction is definitely Connor Reed, a man who joined the Royal Marines when he was 18 years of age and made it a point to apply for, train at, and later serve in the prestigious - or "most notorious" - "Four-Five Commando Unit". The first recorded adventure is named The Bootneck because members of that group were so nicknamed; "It describes a [Royal] Marine with a reputation of a high level of soldiering ability, combined with an adherence to its Ethos." Reed decidedly fits because he is not only a man with incredible 'soldiering ability', he is also a man with a solid set of ethics.

That does not mean, however, that Reed is a particularly nice man, as we learn - and so does his target - in the opening of that first adventure. The target was a very unpleasant but powerful figure who had gotten away with molesting young girls far too long. When Reed took an interest in this fellow, it was not a nice time for that man.

When McQuillan learned of Reed's activities, he decided that he had found a particularly dangerous and deadly tool he might be able to use from time to time. A very good example of the kind of man that Reed is - how practical and straight-forward his thinking is - when McQuillan tells Reed he can either go to prison for what Reed had done to that bad man mentioned before or go to work for McQuillan, Reed's first question was how long he would be serving and his next one was, "Do I get paid?"

!!Good Lines:
- When told that violence begets violence, Reed retorted, "
I'll be sure to swap notes on that theory with Martin Luther King and Gandhi if I get the chance."


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Bootneck The Bootneck
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2017

"When a corrupt politician with an appetite for preteen girls kidnapped and tortured while under his Unit's surveillance, McQuillan is left with a dilemma - what to do with the rogue Commando responsible? As the stakes escalate, a sinister plot involving a triad of the Russian Bratva, an influential French arms dealer and one of the most powerful men within the British security services threatens to engulf the Isles. Could a man with an impulse for sadism and a three hundred and fifty-year-old ethos burnt within be the only man McQuillan can trust?"
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2 Lessons In Blood Lessons In Blood
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2018

"When Darren O’Reilly’s daughter is found murdered with her kidney extracted, he refuses to believe the police’s explanation that Egyptian immigrant Ubaid Almasi has murdered her. His quest for the truth reaches the ears of Bruce McQuillan, the leader of the shadowy Chameleon Project. The stakes rise as a conspiracy of seismic proportions begins to reveal itself, Bruce realizes he needs a man of exceptional skill and ruthlessness. He needs a predator who can move freely within the criminal underworld. He needs Connor Reed."
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3 Ares' Thirst Ares' Thirst
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2019

"A few years on from civil unrest, Ukraine finds itself a nation fractured as resurgent Russia and the Western superpowers compete for the land and the influence. When a British aide worker disappears in the Crimea, the UK Government wants her back—quickly and quietly. With both MI6 and Interpol lacking assets in the region they turn to Bruce McQuillan; the stoic leader of a black operations unit— ‘The Chameleon Project’. However, shadowy Machiavellian figures are seeking to fuel the flames of Islamic hatred towards Russia. With ‘the dark edge of the world’ controlled by some of the most cunning, ruthless and powerful criminals on earth, McQuillan knows he needs to send a wolf amongst the wolves before the match of global war is struck across the rough land of Ukraine."

That wolf is Connor Reed.
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4 Northern Wars Northern Wars
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2019

"After ruthlessly dethroning his Uncle, Connor Reed must now defend the family against the circling sharks of rival criminal enterprises. Meanwhile, Bruce McQuillan, leader of a black operations unit named The Chameleon Project, has learnt that one of the world’s most brutal and influential Mafias are targeting the UK pre-BREXIT. With Reed caught up in a deadly underworld war of his own, McQuillan must decide where best to attack the dragon; by enticing it out into the open—or in its own lair."
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5 Counterpart Counterpart
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2021

Bruce McQuillan’s plan to light the torch of war between two of the world’s most powerful and ruthless Mafias has been ignited.
Can his favoured agent, Connor Reed, fan the flames without being engulfed by them?
Especially as a man every bit his equal stands on the other side.
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6 An Outlaw's Reprieve An Outlaw's Reprieve
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2021

"Black operations agent Connor Reed finds respite from a hellacious schedule to return to his home city.
Reed, a leader within his own outlaw family, delights in an opportunity to punish a thug preying on the vulnerable.
However, with his target high within a rival criminal organisation, can Reed exact retribution without dragging his relatives into an unnecessary and bloody war."
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7 The Puppet Master The Puppet Master
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2022

With the Mutually Assured Destruction principle keeping nuclear warheads locked within their silos, global warming continues its insidious creep across the earth’s atmosphere.
When a British scientist leads a highly proficient Japanese engineering team in unlocking the secrets to the biosphere’s survival, some will stop at nothing to see the fledging technology disappear.
In the Land of the Rising Sun, can Bruce McQuillan’s black operations unit, the Chameleon Project, protect the new scientific applications from the most powerful entities on earth?"
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8 The King's Gambit The King's Gambit
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2023

"Can the Ryder clan defeat a more ruthless organization that dwarfs them in size and finance?
When the dark hands of a blood feud between Irish criminal organizations begin to choke civilians, and strategies to halt the evil fail, fear grips law enforcement in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and continental Europe.
When this war ensnares the Ryder clan, Connor finds with the choice between trusting the skill and mental fortitude of untested family members, along with the motives of his enemy’s enemy.
Or the complete annihilation of his family."
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9 The Devil’s Nemesis The Devil’s Nemesis
Written by Quentin Black
Copyright: 2024

"Connor Reed owes a lethal debt. A year on from a brutal encounter with Irish mobsters, the Ryder clan have solidified their standing as one of the UK’s most efficient outlaw organisations. However, when Carlo Andaloro calls in a favour, Connor Reed has no choice but to travel to Canada to face its most savagely cruel crime lords. As the black operations agent gets closer, he discovers a plan to flood Canada’s cities with death. And the intent lays higher than anyone could imagine."
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If I were in trouble, I would love to have a man like Connor Reed around to come to my aid. If I were a baddie trying to hide my miscreant activities, I would not want Reed to learn about it. He has his code of ethics and he does not deviate from them but that code does not have any prohibitions about raining bloody hellfire down on those deserving it.

Once in a while, it is a hoot to follow someone like that into war - well, from the safety of my recliner.

The writing is quite enjoyable and super easy to get caught up in and the action is straightforward and pretty darn constant. I like the fact that as of this writing, there are 6 explosive adventures and hopefully more to come.


My Grade: B


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