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Full Name: Ocean Daley
Series Name: Orca
Nationality: British
Organization: Orca
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chris Hannon
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Ocean Daley is an agent with Orca.

That interestingly name organization was founded some years back by Daley's now deceased father and his uncle Frank. The purpose for the creation was a simple desire to created a "future without war". To help achieve that implausible goal, they chose to go after it "one bite at a time". "Our mainstay is surveillance services, hacking and espionage. We work on a case-by-case basis. If it furthers our aim of achieving a state of world peace then we do it. If not we don't," explains Frank to a group of would-be new members, all teenagers like Daley.

When we first meet Daley, he has no knowledge of his older relative's true occupations or of Orca. Furthermore, the idea of turning a summer into a chance for more schooling is not anything he would imaging agreeing to. Obviously he is not an operative yet; his immediate future looked bleakly at having to spend the summer working for "his mother's irritating boyfriend", Andy. That less than admirable specimen was summed nicely by Daley's "waste of space" evaluation.

That is when Uncle Frank stepped in with his offer of an alternative, though Orca and its required lessons were not yet mentioned. 16-year-old Ocean Daley is definitely interested in anything that takes him away from his town and his boring prospects. But, school??

Well, perhaps when Frank promises "Little by little, we'll turn you into professional spies. You'll lead double lives and undertake missions for Orca. You'll be paid handsomely, travel internationally, have your wits challenged on a daily basis and be a catalyst to world events." Add in a caveat of "This is for real. Don't expect tuxedoes, cocktails and screws in the shower. We move in silence and shadow. Our work is only done when nobody knows it is us who has done it."

The handful of teens that were being offered membership into Orca, in addition to Daley who was invited out of merit, not nepotism, agreed, even after hearing the motto of Orca, "By shadow we craft a future of our own making".

Good Lines:
- Attitude of Ocean Daley: "School was little more than a holding pen for morons".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

1 Orca Rising Orca Rising
Written by Chris Hannon
Copyright: 2019

"Spy School or Lie School?
Ocean Daley just doesn't fit in –for one, he's called Ocean– but his enigmatic uncle sees huge promise in him and takes Ocean to a summer school for talented teens. Orca, the secretive organisation behind the school, needs fresh recruits…but for what?
With classes in hacking, bike racing and defence, it could be Ocean's chance of a lifetime....or something far darker."
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2 Orca Rogue Agent Orca Rogue Agent
Written by Chris Hannon
Copyright: 2020

"When you’re a rogue agent, the only rules you make are your own. In this second outing in the Orca series, freelance spy Ocean Daley has the type of girl trouble that really means trouble... Like being forced to betray your own MI5 handlers by the very menace you’re trying to stop. Like watching the world creep closer to World War 3 knowing that to stop it puts your family in mortal danger. But when you’re a rogue agent, the only rules you make are your own."
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3 Orca Divinity Fix Orca Divinity Fix
Written by Chris Hannon
Copyright: 2021

"The world sees salvation. He sees a threat. After months of lockdown, Ocean Daley is desperate to get back to normal teenage life; even school. A miracle cure - The Divinity Fix - is the world’s salvation, and its creators are celebrated as heroes. But Ocean knows the truth about the people behind it, and when he notices ‘fixed’ people acting strangely, he is certain something isn’t right. Ocean must race against time to reveal the truth before the world falls completely under the spell of the Divinity Fix."
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I am a sucker for training adventures - though in which we get to follow the future agent through interesting and challenging series of lessons. This definitely had a nice amount of it.

It also had a fair amount of kinda hokey albeit true homonyms such as "Knowledge of someone is your person map to their hopes, comforts and fears, their soul even". Uncle Franks says things like that a lot.

Still, if I were a teen reader - and I really was one a bunch of decades ago, I would have liked this series and been sorry there was only three adventures in it.


My Grade: B


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