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Full Name: Ruby Hudole
Series Name: A Spy Among The Fallen
Nationality: American
Organization: The Institute
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. N. Crawford
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


Ruby Hudole is an agent with the Order.

One blurb for the first recorded adventure made mention of her working for the Institute but I found no reference to such an organization so I moved on. There are many mentions, though, of the Order of the Watchers, "the secretive group [Hudole's] parents had once served, dedicated to preventing the apocalypse. Hadn't really worked out the way they'd planned, apparently". When I describe the state of the world that Hudole lives in, you will see the reason for that last sentence.

Whether Hudole actually is employed by the Order or simply works with them on a shared goal is a bit debatable and not really worth the time since she does what she does for her own reasons.

Now is the time to mention that Hudole is a Fae. As a member of that race of beings living on Earth next to and amongst humans while working diligently to not be discovered as such an exotic creature. As all Fae, she has some interesting powers. One of hers is the ability to transform into other humanoid form so as to pass by or join in. One she is especially good at impersonating is a succubus; she does wonder if there career in New York as a burlesque dancer prior to Great Nightmare might have something to do with that.

Which brings us to that apocalypse mentioned earlier, an event that everyone who lives on Earth calls the Great Nightmare. That is the time that the demons came forth, which was bad, and then the Angels came down, which was far worse. Tens of thousands would soon die and many more as time went by. Humans and Fae both suffered horribly under the new regime and the Order found renewed purpose in that fight.

Hudole would be forced to become an operative to first find her missing sister and then to continue on the fight against the oppressors. This red-haired, green-eyed beauty would become, as the tagline states, a 'spy among the Fallen', becoming close to the Angels to strike better at the Gods that now ruled the world.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Covert Fae Covert Fae
Written by C. N. Crawford
Copyright: 2018

"A fae like me shouldn't have to hide her power. But in the world of the Great Nightmare, magic makes me a target--especially after an apocalypse rips our world apart.
Now, I've gotten the chance to fight back against the terrifyingly seductive angels. I've joined a secret organization of spies known as the Institute. And I’m going undercover in the angels' court. Problem is, I have to pretend to be someone I’m not: an alluring succubus. If I don't fool them, the fate of the world will lie in ruins. I can't let that happen. The angels tried to destroy my world. Now it’s my turn to unleash my powers--and ravage theirs."
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2 Black Ops Fae Black Ops Fae
Written by C. N. Crawford
Copyright: 2018

"Disguises are second nature at this point, and I'm used to keeping my powers concealed. But when a lethal angel starts coming after me, my cover is blown. In my escape, I’ve found an unlikely ally in Adonis—the dangerously seductive angel of death. With him by my side, I’m going undercover again. I just have to pretend to be his simpering, idiot lover--while secretly collecting intelligence from a psychotic god of war. One I have to pretend to actually admire. If I don’t find the info I need, I’m dead at the hands of a whole horde of angels—and the apocalypse really begins."
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3 Rogue Fae Rogue Fae
Written by C. N. Crawford
Copyright: 2018

"After venturing into the underworld, I have some badass goddess powers. In fact, I used them to rid the earth of the angelic scourge. Only problem is, the gods I stole the magic from are kind of pissed. They keep trying to kill me when I summon their power. Worse, the angels are back on earth, harder to kill than ever. When my lover Adonis is abducted by our enemy, I do whatever I can to get him back. But the angels have a new plan for us. They want me to kill my own boyfriend—since I’m the only one who can do it. If we can’t defeat the new onslaught of angels, I face a fate worse than death—and the rest of the world is coming with me."
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The writing team that is C. N. Crawford came up with the concept of the Great Nightmare and penned a good number of adventures dealing with it and its horrible ramifications. The three-book series dealing with Ruby Hudole, the spy among the Fallen, is just part of that overarching storyline.

It is not really mandatory that you read any of the books about the Fae and the Great Nightmare that came before the Ruby Hudole books but if you do, you might not have such a hard time understanding the history of things as I did. But then I decided to not stress and just go with the flow. Fae are good - well most are - and Humans good and not-so-good and demons are really bad and Angels are - well, don't mess with them because whether they are rightfully considered good or bad, someone always ends up dead.


My Grade: B


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