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Full Name: Breed
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: Cameron Curtis
Time Span: 2021 - 2024


Breed is a part-time agent with the CIA.

That is my way of saying that he gets roped into working with a full-time Agency operative named Anya Stein on more than one occasion. In my opinion, he does not go looking for her in the hopes she might have some near-suicidal assignment he might be able to make less death-sentence-ish; she is the one to seek him out. The first time is happenstance. After that, she has been shown just how good Breed can be in a fire-fight and when things go really pear-shaped so she will either give him a call for help or, if he is already in the middle of the trouble, hook up with him as there is safety in numbers.

Former Delta Force member having reached the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, Breed had joined the military several years before the Towers fell and had already gone through Army Ranger training to then be chosen for the highly elite Delta. As he watched the calamity on 9/11, he knew his world had changed forever. Breed would remain with that organization until five years before his first recorded adventure and our introduction to him.

If you noticed that I have not listed any first name for Breed, the reason being that as far as I can determine in the six adventures (so far) his given name is never mentioned. He is always addressed as Mr. Breed when formalities require or just Breed when friends and others address him. He apparently is happy with that as he never takes offense at it.

Breed hails from the Flathead Lake region of western Montana where his Green Beret father and his teacher mother were living when they brought him into this world and even after the dad died during the Vietnam War when Breed was just five, they remained there until her death years later. Since his enlistment, though, he did not have much reason to return until recently.

Breed is a trained counter-terrorist operative who chose, after a career with Delta fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places not so officially mentioned, to give it up though his frequent nightmares tell him that the scars remain. 


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2024

1 Danger Close Danger Close
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2021

"But when a veteran from his old unit is murdered in El Paso, Breed feels duty-bound to bring the killer to justice. A feeling that only grows stronger when his friend’s widow and son are also murdered.
As he uses all his specialist skills to uncover the truth, Breed finds himself working with some unlikely allies - a devious CIA operative, and a determined Latina reporter. Together, they uncover a conspiracy to launch a massive attack on US soil."
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2 Open Season Open Season
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2021

"Breed is surprised when he is called to meet an old acquaintance - CIA agent Anya Stein. She offers Breed a mission he can’t refuse - to rescue an American soldier, Robyn Trainor, held captive in the mountains of Afghanistan. When the mission goes sideways, the Taliban hunt Breed and Robyn over some of the harshest terrain on the planet—thousand-foot cliffs, wailing wind, and freezing nights."
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3 Target Deck Target Deck
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2021

"In 1974, six Green Berets were sent into China on a desperate mission. They were called the Black Sheep. Compromised, the mission failed. The men fled through a bat cave and barely escaped with their lives. Fifty years later, assassins are killing the Black Sheep one by one. Their leader, Sam Crockett, was a close friend of Breed's father. When Crockett goes missing, Breed sets out to find the vet, and thwart the assassins sent to kill him. Breed finds Crockett and learns the horrifying secret of the bat cave. Anya Stein, of the CIA, sends Breed on a mission tailor-made for a man of his lethal qualifications."
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4 Close Quarters Close Quarters
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2022

"Deep in the Amazon jungle, a tribe has attacked an isolated government outpost. A group of idealistic young volunteers enters the rain forest to prove the tribesmen were provoked. One is killed, and another, Fiadh Connor, goes missing. Fiadh's father, billionaire Cuchulain Connor, hires Breed to find her."
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5 Broken Arrow Broken Arrow
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2022

"Breed and the CIA’s Anya Stein receive word of a theft from the Laurence Livermore National Laboratory. A killer has murdered a nuclear scientist and stolen the trigger for an atomic bomb. The murder weapon is a wakizashi, a Japanese sword. What follows is a deadly chase that takes Breed from Stanford to Tokyo where he pursues the killer from the luxurious towers of Otemachi to the seedy back streets of Kabuki-cho."
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6 White Spider White Spider
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2023

"Anya Stein is running an operation to salvage the submarine and its hypersonic cruise missiles . The Spider, a top secret research vessel, will lift the wreck from the floor of the Greenland Sea. Everything goes according to plan… until Stein’s right-hand man on the Spider is murdered. Stein rushes Breed to the Spider to find the killer."
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7 Black Sun Black Sun
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2023

"The bad guys want her dead. But first they have to get past Breed. Breed is on vacation in Arles, France when he sees a group of men open fire on a car. In the gun battle that ensues, a young girl escapes from the vehicle and runs for her life.
Breed pulls her to safety. Her name is Julia and she was abducted by the gang in the car. They forced her to take heroin, and when she was addicted, used her as a sex slave. The slavers want to recapture Julia, and it soon becomes clear that the anonymous men who fired on the car want her dead. Breed is determined to keep Julia alive, but to do that, he’ll need to figure out who is after her and why."
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8 Hard Contact Hard Contact
Written by Cameron Curtis
Copyright: 2024

"The Medusa, a freighter carrying gold bullion worth two billion dollars, is hijacked off the coast of Greece. Using sophisticated technology, the hijackers make the vessel disappear. The CIA’s deputy director, Anya Stein, recruits Breed to locate the vessel and recover the gold. Breed and Stein trace the missing vessel to the mouth of the Aegean Sea, between the islands of Rhodes and Crete. Realizing Breed is on their trail, the hijackers do everything they can to stop him – permanently. "
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Okay, with a friend like Anya Stein, who needs enemies? The name of a good life insurance agent, maybe. Not that Breed would qualify with any of the reputable agencies once they get a look at the kind of work he does normally - don't even think about mentioning the things he does for Stein.

This series is jam-packed with action and explosions and mayhem and all sorts of stuff that makes an adventure series so enjoyable (from a reader's perspective, not the characters).

And for the record, I happen to really like Stein.


My Grade: B+


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