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Full Name: Kori Briggs
Nationality: American
Organization: Rampart
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. P. Rawls
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Kori Briggs is an agent with Rampart.

That name is one that is not mentioned very much in the halls of the American government agencies because no one knows of it. Well, obviously some people do but we are told in the introduction to the first recorded adventure that it was "the most secretive intelligence agency in the world, unknown to even the CIA (but, oh, how they would love to prove its existence!)", which makes it rather intriguing. Another fact we are let in on in that intro is that Kori Briggs, upon arriving at the headquarters of Rampart that particular morning, learns she is to head immediately to the White House because there is "a matter of national security and the President want nobody else handling the ominous crisis but 'that girl'".

Giving us a smidge more intel, we read, "Meet Kori Briggs...astute, fearless member of an elite and super-secret American intelligence team. A self-described "femme badass," Kori is a highly trained agent, an expert in self-defense, a dedicated Scotch drinker, and a drop-dead beauty whose closest friend is her Glock nine-millimeter Luger." That alone is enough to make a reader want to learn more.

When we encounter her, she has a newly acquired boyfriend and was thinking - not so seriously - about keeping him around but then a couple of no-good-niks come up to him asking questions and though he had no trouble as a result, Briggs decided going solo was for the best and said goodbye rather bruskly to the poor fellow, sort of like ripping off a bandage. It is likely all for the best, though, for both of them because Briggs does not ever stay at home. Just ask her mother who is always inviting her to stop by for brunch and Briggs is always promising and then something comes up at the 'office' and she has to head to some big city to help with an installation of some system or another or attend a trade-show or whatever good excuse pops into Briggs' head to not tell her mother she really works for an ultra-secret government organization.

Briggs gets along very well with her boss at Rampart and her fellow agents who have no issues with her being considered, rightly so, as the best that Rampart - and therefore the entire U.S. intelligence community - has to offer. She has proven that competence many times over, enough for the President to, as mentioned above, ask for her specifically, albeit without mentioning her name.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Dark Tetrad The Dark Tetrad
Written by A. P. Rawls
Copyright: 2021

Kori Briggs "is on the trail of a madman who has managed to steal a hundred pounds of uranium and, with the help of an equally twisted Russian scientist, is intent on detonating a nuclear bomb somewhere in the world. But when and where?"
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2 We'll Quit When We're Dead We'll Quit When We're Dead
Written by A. P. Rawls
Copyright: 2021

Kori Briggs "is once again globetrotting around the world to save the day. This time she's investigating a real and imminent threat from a foreign power, a potential terrorist act on American soil so extensive that its successful deployment could well result in World War III."
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3 Danger Level 4 Danger Level 4
Written by A. P. Rawls
Copyright: 2022

Kori Briggs "has landed in the middle of a South American revolution. Super-secret spy organization Rampart has intelligence that a dictator with weapons of mass destruction is about to be overthrown. But who are the revolutionaries, and are they any less dangerous? The stability of the Western Hemisphere is at stake."
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4 The Prince is Missing The Prince is Missing
Written by A. P. Rawls
Copyright: 2022

Kori Briggs "has been tasked with the assignment of finding England's missing Prince Grayson! All signs point to a kidnapping at the hands of an American ex-con, but Kori knows there's much more to the story. Follow her and her trusty Russian sidekick Anya Kovalev as they scour the grand city of London for clues to the prince's disappearance!"
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If you are looking for a kick-butt female operative who is given a good number of opportunities to demonstrate that fact, this is a good series to consider. Briggs is both headstrong and highly capable which gets her out of the trouble being the former gets her into.

Briggs is entertaining to watch - the other characters tend to be a tad wooden and not so interesting which makes Briggs stand out even more. And, hey, it's her series so why shouldn't she?

IMHO, the subsequent books each show improvements to the overall series as the author takes a firm grip on the character and lets us know her more than in the first book. Looking forward to the next one!


My Grade: B


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