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Full Name: Oliver Carmichael
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Musician

Creator: Garrett Hutson
Time Span: 2020 - 2022


Oliver Carmichael is a musician.

He is a trumpet player and a jazz affionado who, during the days leading up to the Second World War and the invasion of Paris. That capitol city is where we first meet Carmichael as he is where he is usually to be found most evenings, playing a set with a small group at perpetually cigarette smoke haze filled Le Chein Errant (The Stray Dog). It is April of 1940 and within just over two months the Nazis will control the city and Carmichael's life will be changed in a way he would never have imagined.

Carmichael would not ever have considered that he would become a spy for anyone. The fact that it would be for his native America would definitely surprise him since he was living in France and loving it. But when the Germans take control and many of Carmichael's friends decide to do something and join the Reistance, he is approached by a man from the American embassy, Frank Dryden, to keep an eye on their activity and to report his learnings to Dryden.

This will put Carmichael smack in the middle of trouble that he would have normally earnestly avoided. He was a trumpet player, not an underground fighter or an operative. Even after he barely survives the events of the first recorded adventure and flees, as did many, to other parts of France - in his case, Lyon - he will find his services still desired by both Dryden with U.S. Intelligence and with his friends in the Resistance.

The two adventures of Carmichael are a combination of espionage suspense from his undercover work as well as romantic suspense as Carmichael will be seen finding comfort and solace in the arms of beautiful woman, and at least one young man who lives nearby.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2022

1 Gray Paree Gray Paree
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1940.
American musician Oliver Carmichael is have a great time in Paris playing jazz in a night club. He is still with mixed feelings when he sees his ex-fiancee with another man but he does have the pleasures of an older woman to soothe his pain, as well as that of a young man living next door. When the Nazis invade the city and many of his French friends join the Resistance. That is when someone from the embassy asks him to keep tabs on his friends' actions. And soon he is asked to do even more.
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2 Each Hidden Passage Each Hidden Passage
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2022

The year is 1942.
Now living in Lyon after a quick escape from Paris, Oliver Carmichael owns his own cabaret with his own jazz band. Then he finds himself pressured into meeting with an agent of the Free French and Carmichael's old friend at the embassy asks him to join him undercover in the secret war against the Vichy government
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"If you enjoy Alan Furst's Night Soldiers novels, but like to see LGBT characters in fiction, then you'll love ..."

That is a tag line for the second of the two Oliver Carmichael adventures but it really fits both. There is a good deal of clandestine, dark alleys and smokey rooms, activity going on as players try to fight the Nazis from the shadows and Carmichael tries to keep tabs on them. There is also a whole lot of angst with Carmichael trying to get over the beautiful and alluring Lisette while also offering himself to the exciting Marcel.

The writing is very well executed, as is to be expected by someone of Garrett Hutson's skill. I admit I went into the first of these books incorrectly as I was expecting more in the way of the covert work than I got and far too much (IMHO) of a different definition of undercover work.


My Grade: B


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