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Full Name: Chastity Flame
Nationality: British
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: K. A. Laity
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


Chastity Flame is an agent with an unnamed British Intelligence organization.

Monitor is her handler with that group; she is an older woman who always seemed too busy or harried to do anything with her hair. Flame guessed she was in her early 50s but admitted that she thought the same thing when they first met around ten years before. This in turn tells us that Flame is likely in her mid-30s.

To say that Flame's job was her life would be regrettably accurate. "Her line of work guaranteed that she had no friends to speak of anymore. No one knew her real name, no one even knew her favourite drink. Chastity lived in a building with corporate owners. Monitor took care of the bills - rent, discreet dry cleaning and regular hampers of food from Harrods whenever she was in town."

Flame's work for the department is really two-fold, as we find almost immediately when she is sent to 'investigate' a security leak. After enticing the target to get nigh onto intimate with her, she then pulls out a syringe, threatens to inject deadly toxin into his groin unless he talked, listened carefully to the truth he was only too willing to impart, and then stabbed him anyways. She made sure that 999 was called to assist, knowing it was already too late for him.

Flame is a gorgeous, sexy woman who has an inate talent for choosing the right personality to present to whomever she deals with. She "had been lucky to inherit her mother's intelligence if not her wit, as much as she had been blessed by her father's good looks. They were useful tools in her work". She "knew her curvy figure didn't appeal to everyone, but many seemed to think it promised luscious rewards. She was fit, if not skinny, and her olive skin and chestnut tresses radiated the glow that good health brings. Few could resist remarking on her amber eyes, a rare enough color, but years of training had made them even more expressive - when she chose to have them reveal anything."

Outside of work really did not exist much for Flame. She is decidedly a physical individual who craves frequent "contact" with men though she seldom allowed herself any repeat contact. "Work always left her with an itch" which she gratified as soon as she could and then moved on to the next assignment and/or lover.

At least until she meets the delicious and erudite Damien Michelet in the first recorded adventure and he will become a focal point of her life from then on, providing a considerable amount of distraction she will work hard to overcome. Considering how long it had been since she had had a serious relationship, though, namely never, her private life needed it. "The job was old hat. Damien was something new and interesting."

Good Lines:
- "People paid no attention to what they didn't think they saw."
- "No face recognition software would ever be able to identify a woman who didn't really exist."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Chastity Flame Chastity Flame
Written by K. A. Laity
Copyright: 2014

"Top of her to-do list [for Chastity Flame] is the rescue of a geeky tech-genius, in a bid to try and thwart an insidious plot by a shady international business consortium to destabilise currencies and governments all around the globe."
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2 Lush Situation Lush Situation
Written by K. A. Laity
Copyright: 2014

"Her personal life is as complicated as ever but fortunately she’s got the small matter of an international human trafficking ring to deal with before she can even begin to turn her thoughts to matters of the heart.
When an upscale private members club for women opens in London, Chastity hopes it will provide a potential break in the case at hand. All is going well until she runs into her lost love Damien with a gorgeous woman clinging to his arm."
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3 A Cut-Throat Business A Cut-Throat Business
Written by K. A. Laity
Copyright: 2014

"There’s a killer loose in London and it looks like they’re protected in high places. Chastity needs to look in the places the police can’t — or won’t — while a rogue colleague dogs her steps, looking for the key to secrets in her past."
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A blurb for the first adventure tells we readers "As a secret government operative Chastity fights the bad guys, foils criminal masterminds and still finds time to enthusiastically embrace a catalogue of erotic adventures that would make James Bond blush."

I cannot say I actually blushed but there were several scenes in these three short books that had my eyebrows raised and an "oh!" on my lips and ... hmmm! I think I very well might have blushed. Did not stop me from reading more, of course.

I really enjoyed the easy, almost-but-not-quite-whimsical approach the author took to tell these stories. She made Chastity Flame very interesting from the outset and that never wavered. I especially enjoyed the inner turmoil that Flame experiences when she deals with the new love in her life, Damien. A woman so totally in control of herself suddenly not so much when it comes to one man. Very well written and much appreciated by this reader.


My Grade: B+


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