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Full Name: Aydyn
Series Name: First Rule Of Being A Spy
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sylvester S. Poulsen
Time Span: 2020 - 2022


Aydyn is an agent with the Agency.

That is how she and her fellow operatives, as well as her handler, Edward, refers to the government department for which they work although it is not the CIA which also has that term used for it. What the official name of this part of the American Intelligence community is actually named, if it truly has a name and not just some line item number on some other large department's discretionary budget, well, that remains unknown to me.

Ayden is also a model. As she puts it, "I get to travel the world, see the sights, wear fancy dresses and get shot at on a regular basis. Those privileges are granted to me by working two strangely similar jobs, one being as an internationally renowned supermodel and the other as a thankfully lesser known spy for the American government."

Edward, being a good planner, either finds work that needs to be done wherever her next modeling job pulls her, or, as often happens, finds a modeling job to justify her presence when she needs to be sent somewhere on Agency business.

Her "originally given name" is Arysha Aratemeru. She is "half Black, half Japanese, and half American". If the math does not add up, she explains, "I know that adds up to one hundred and fifty percent, but my mother tells me that that is why I grew to near six feet by the time I was fourteen." Speaking of 14, Aydyn explains that is how old she was when she had her growth sprint, got noticed winning a beauty contest and given the job of being the "new face of Skin Deep" and decided she was really gender fluid in which she enjoyed being a woman but also at times having a "male mood".

It is in her introduction of herself to us that she tells us the "First Rule of Being a Spy" which is: "always expect a gunfight to break out, especially when you least expect it". And she should know because in that meeting where she was both on a modeling gig and a spying one, a fancy soiree turns deadly when would-be kidnappers find she is not a very compliant victim.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2022

1 Matching Stilettos Matching Stilettos
Written by Sylvester S. Poulsen
Copyright: 2020

"The case you are about to read about takes place in Milan, where I [Aydyn] get to race motorcycles and cars, go to the beach, meet really beautiful and kind people and get punched repeatedly by some of the slightly less kind people I run into. I even get to punch back every so often, which is always a nice bonus."
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2 Matching Pumps Matching Pumps
Written by Sylvester S. Poulsen
Copyright: 2021

"Aydyn is yet again reporting for duty, as there are new developments in the search for the abducted women, and this time she is aided by an old ally as well as an old enemy."
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3 Matching Kicks Matching Kicks
Written by Sylvester S. Poulsen
Copyright: 2021

"Aydyn is on vacation and absolutely nothing goes wrong. It is a book filled with relaxation, and picturesque landscapes. No explosions, no gunfire and definitely no people dying horribly. There might be a few instances of Aydyn having to work, but something has to pay the bills. Get ready to be mellow."
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4 Curriculum Vital Curriculum Vital
Written by Sylvester S. Poulsen
Copyright: 2022

"It has become time to pass the torch to the next generation, as Aydyn starts up a school for spies, including Maxi, whom she first met in Rio de Janeiro.
Welcome to Pride High."
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5 Curriculum Vigil Curriculum Vigil
Written by Sylvester S. Poulsen
Copyright: 2022

"It is the second year of Pride High, the premier school for spies, and after the events at the end of the first year, tensions are higher than ever.
Maxi has started doubting her abilities, and with Dr. Elysium still on the loose that could have disastrous results, but thankfully she has her friends by her side, alongside a few new allies."
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These adventures with Aydyn are what I think of as 'guilty pleasures'. I think I should feel naughty reading them (man my age feeling naughty? I like it!). If I were reading them from a physical book in ages past, I would probably do so in seclusion so as to not get eyebrows raised. But hey, these are just plain fun and I really like Aydyn, so there!

The next two books take the series in a massively different direction when Aydyn decides to start a school for spies and teach her tricks instead of using them out in the field. I like them as well but ... I really like Aydyn.


My Grade: B


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