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Full Name: David Gresham and James Wilkins
Series Name: Kingdoms Fall
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Edward Parr
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


David Gresham and James Wilkins are agents with British Intelligence.

They will be, shortly after the start of the first recorded adventure. They will not ask to be seconded from the British Army to the very nascent Military Intelligence which will later morph into MI6. Being officers in good standing and very much patriotic, they would never shirk from their transfer but there would be some consternation; they were soldiers and not spies, at least in the beginning.

The two meet while fighting in the Great War, specifically in waning days of 1915. An assault on Constantinople was in the works, the hope being to force the Ottoman Empire to leave the pact with Germany and Austria-hungary. While the sergeants of the Company they were both attached to were largely experienced fighters, most of the enlisted were very green and so were many of the officers. This includes Wilkins but not Gresham.

Wilkins was a Captain in the Company but was only 19 years old, "the youngest British officer serving i the Mediterranean". It was strongly believed by all that "achieved his rank through connections rather than merit since he was the youngest son of Lord Bartlett and a recent graduate of Eton (albeit the top student and a King's Scholar there)."

Gresham, a wee bit older at 22, held the rank of Lieutenant and was "the one man in the company who had previously fought in the front lines: He had been with the Lancashire Fusiliers in the trenches in France and had fought at Ypres; he'd been at Gravenstafel Ridge when the Germans had first used poison gas on the lines, and he'd even seen action at the Suez Canal".

Wilkins was "fair-haired, perfectly clean cut, well-educated, and the cream of British nobility". Gresham was "the bastard son of a very wealthy Manchester industrialist" whose "straggly coal black hair was too long, his chin was never freshly shaved, his mustache was grossly untrimmed and filthy".

Another point of difference is that Wilkins is usually soft-spoken and polite but amiable to all while Gresham was by nature "surly and quiet". The two make for an interesting pair.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Laxenburg Message The Laxenburg Message
Written by Edward Parr
Copyright: 2013

"One hundred years ago, the world changed forever in one of the bloodiest wars of all time. The "KINGDOMS FALL" series tells the story of World War I as seen by two British officers newly recruited into the fledgling Secret Intelligence Service. As the young agents pursue their missions for Great Britain, they see (and sometimes cause) catastrophic events that shake the foundations of Western Civilization."
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2 The Korniloff Affair The Korniloff Affair
Written by Edward Parr
Copyright: 2013

"In the second novel of the "thrilling" "Kingdoms Fall" WWI espionage series, Great Britain isn't the only empire seeking to undermine its adversaries’ governments. A German spy known only as "Dunn" has been busy inciting rebellion in Ireland and India. British agents Gresham and Wilkins, pulled from the front lines at Verdun, must race through Europe trying to track down Dunn before traveling to Romania to convince the neutral country to finally declare war against Germany (despite the consequences). However, Great Britain’s ally Russia is soon on the verge of collapse. Wilkins must learn how he can help rebuild a country in ruins and hold on to the love of his life while Gresham, fresh from a visit to Arabia, seeks revenge on Dunn."
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3 The Wieringen Proposal The Wieringen Proposal
Written by Edward Parr
Copyright: 2015

"In the final volume of the Kingdoms Fall trilogy, Wilkins and Gresham are no longer trusted agents of the British Secret Intelligence Service after fleeing from Bolshevik Russia, and, following a crucial meeting at Passchendaele, strike out on their own – Gresham to France and Wilkins to Italy – just as the American Expeditionary Force arrives in Europe. However, victory may not be inevitable, and what does the future hold in store for the British empire, Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe as Russia devolves into chaos? Wilkins considers changing sides, while Gresham wonders whether the Americans are ready to fight a modern war. Somehow, they must seek to put Europe back together."
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Oh, wow! Is this a terrific set of awesome adventures! I was stunned at just how good they were because I had not seen anyone else (maybe I was just blind) sing its praises. And sung they should be because it is so rich and full-bodied and yet smooth (yeah, I know it sounds like a coffee commercial). 

Both Gresham and Wilkins are treated evenly. Gresham is the more experienced while Wilkins, by the nature of his birth, is much higher up the food chain. Both teach the other and both come to trust the other; they make for a fantastic partnership.

And the way that the author, Edward Parr, pulls the reader so deeply into the world of the late 1910s is impressive. I actually felt like I was on the battlefield in one unpleasant engagement - and I did not want to be there anymore than the poor souls in the story. That is mighty fine writing.


My Grade: A


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