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Full Name: Samantha Locke
Series Name: The Greater Good Series
Nationality: American
Organization: Erebus
Occupation Agent

Creator: Melissa Algood
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Samantha Locke is an agent with Erebus.

Or is it Lumos? The two private intelligence organizations appear to be closely connected though separate. Both groups claim to exist to "dismember terror organizations so well embedded in daily life the government coulnd't legally wipe them out". I do not know how the leadership of either group determines whether these targets qualify as terrorists and therefore needing destruction. The way that their methods and actions are described, I would not place a lot of confidence in their judgments. As Locke explains it to someone, "Just because you think that Erebus is 'good' doesn't make it so".

Locke is known by that name most of the time. We find that she also has a nice set of aliases, apparently complete with needed documentation, and can and does switch to some other of them when needed but for the most part, Locke is how she is referred to and how she thinks of herself.

We learn in the first recorded adventure that Locke has a couple of different skillsets which make her quite desired by Erebus and one particular trait that does not. She is extremely gifted in dealing with computers, able to hack with impressive skills to get in, do the job, and then get out. She is also very much capable of handling herself in a fight as she clearly shows when she is attacked and before the attacker knew resistance was coming, he was quite dead. Those are the good items. The bad is that she has from the beginning shown "those skills are attached to a severe attitude problem".

As we are told over time, that attitude issue comes to her honestly as her father was apparently killed by her mother, that mother being the founder of Lumos and that father possibly the man behind Erebus. When mommy killed daddy, she kept two of the three children they had and let the third one, Samantha, fall into some pretty nasty hands where her childhood was what nightmares are made from. 

Throw in the fact that she became reacquainted with her siblings and got close to her brother, Jack, and then he ..., well, her reasons for being unhappy just keep growing.

Good Lines:
- Locke's comment to a man regarding his perfect posture and too-good-to-be-believed persona, "you're one of those people whose pictures are put in the frames you buy at the stores, so the rest of us know how we should look".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Unseen Unseen
Written by Melissa Algood
Copyright: 2018

This adventure "takes the good-hearted spy, and viscous killer across the globe as they search for the murderers of their love ones. Even if it costs them their lives in the search for the truth."
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2 Gone Gone
Written by Melissa Algood
Copyright: 2020

With the demise of Erebus, its sister agency, Lumos, is out to destroy Samantha Locke and her spy-boyfriend, Matthew. Injured, Locke is taken to Matthew's family ranch to recover but when he then disappears, she learns yet another secret that 'could destroy her world'.
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3 Home Home
Written by Melissa Algood
Copyright: 2021

"Moments before assassin Samantha Locke was able to tell her spy boyfriend, Matthew Burke, a secret that will change their lives forever, she was shot in the street." The shooter was a member of Lumos but that organization has an even bigger plot hatching that will involve Locke.
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Have you ever read a series and wondered if the reason you were not 'getting it' was likely more you than it? I do not have that very often but I had it with this one. I really wanted to like the adventures of Samantha Locke because she is very interesting and the writing is darn good. Unfortunately, I kept getting confused as to who or what Erebus and Lumos were and did they get along or were they in conflict and how did Jack and Samantha play a role and why is Mommy so certifiable.

You may have better results because maybe you can pay closer attention than I apparently did.


My Grade: B-


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