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Full Name: Azo Coke
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: Roland Lloyd Parry
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Andrew 'Azo' Coke is a part-time agent with British Intelligence.

He isn't when we first meet him, though he will get his chance soon after. Our intro to him is when he is barely making ends meet while earning a meager living as a bicycle-riding pizza delivery man but a very bad day turned into an even worse night when he is roundly provoked while dropping a pizza at a Liverpool pub and ended up in jail and looking at a stretch there.

Coke has an impressive sized chip on his shoulder which routinely manifests itself as a desire to break someone's nose, an act with which he has some experience. This quick-to-anger is obviously a problem that Coke has to deal with every day but considering his upbringing, he comes by it honestly. His father, from whom he got his dark complexion which gets him slurs about being a Paki or some other ethnic group the insulter is angry with that day, disappeared when he was still quite little. He has only a brief memory of his father and then the man was gone. His mother routinely said she was always looking for him and then one day she never came back.

Then there is Leanne who took a fancy to him a few years before, had a dalliance or two and then got pregnant and began to make Coke's not-so-pleasant life far worse. She was angry with him all the time even though they were not together and since she was smarter than he, in Coke's opinion, she routinely got the better result in a fight. But at least she gave him Ali. The little boy was the only bright spot in Cokes's life. And it will be because of Ali and the desire to not have visiting rights taken away that he will go along with the man from the government.

"Do this one thing for me and I will make all your troubles go away." That was not the exact wording but was the meaning to the offer that Paterson, the government man, made to a very downbeat Coke and Coke took him at his word because the alternative was time in prison and never seeing Ali again. Of course, the promise hinged on Paterson being a man of his word, something that Coke will have reason to doubt. Over and over, he will have good reason to not trust Paterson.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 House Of Lads House Of Lads
Written by Roland Lloyd Parry
Copyright: 2018

"A fight in a Liverpool pub wrecks it all for Azo Coke, a pizza-delivery man and petty delinquent. He’s staring at jail time and they will not let him see his little boy, Ali.
Azo knows how a boy needs a dad - his own left when he was a child and he has felt lost ever since.
But on the night Azo is arrested, the shadowy spymaster Paterson walks into his cell. Work for me, Paterson says, and I will wipe your slate clean. The job: spying on a gang of violent extremists, led by Raz, a sadistic mercenary-turned-arms dealer.
Raz has gathered a squad of homeless misfits under his roof and is training them for an attack - among them Maya, a disturbed hacker on the run for bank fraud. Azo falls in love with her - but Paterson has plans for Maya too."
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2 House Of Birds House Of Birds
Written by Roland Lloyd Parry
Copyright: 2020

"Recovering from the wounds of his first mission, delinquent-turned-government spy Azo Coke has scarcely made his way from hospital to the pub before trouble comes looking for him again.
A local gangster with a grudge, a pushy newspaper reporter, Becky Suarez, and his own shadowy spymaster, Paterson - everyone is after Azo as he gets back on the trail of the extremist gang he thought he had beaten. And then there's Leanne, his punchy ex and mother of his estranged toddler son, Ali.
Blackmailed by Paterson on the promise of seeing Ali, Azo tracks the gang as it regroups for a fresh plot. Soon he is fighting not only for his son but for the refugees and captives the gang holds in the depths of its House of Birds - including Azo’s own one-time girlfriend, Maya."
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3 House Of Dogs House Of Dogs
Written by Roland Lloyd Parry
Copyright: 2021

"After risking their lives as undercover anti-terror agents on the streets of Liverpool, Azo and Maya have fallen out of favour with their corrupt handler, Paterson. They used to hunt and kill on his orders - but now that they have found out the truth about what their spymaster really wants, Azo and Maya have become targets themselves. Off the grid, they take refuge in a web of ancient tunnels under Liverpool’s historic docklands, hiding from Hanzi, a child assassin whom Paterson has kidnapped and trained to hunt them."
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I know that Azo is a fictional character. He does not exist in real life. He is made up and the situations he is pushed into are made up and the troubles he has to endure are made up. All imaginary. Not real!

So why the heck did I keep getting so darned mad at the really unfair, lousy things that happen to him? Mind you, he is not a perfect person cause he has his faults and all but, darn! Give the man a break, why don't you?

Deep breath here - it is all fiction - not real. It is darned fun reading, though, even with all that angst I heap on myself because of the stuff that gets dumped on him.


My Grade: B+


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