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Full Name: C. J. Brink
Nationality: American
Organization: CPP
Occupation Other - Bodyguard

Creator: Michael Woodman
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


C.J. Brink is a professional bodyguard.

He was, before the accident, and he will be again after he recovers. Of course the gap between those two periods is rather long and that is one of the factors that makes his adventures so interesting and unusual.

Our introduction to Brink is in Iraq in 2009 when he and his teammate and good friend Alex are working for Close Personal Protection. That private company specializes in private security and bodyguard work, helping make sure the client gets from Point A to Point B without dying.

The team's protectee was Declan, the IT expert and VIP they had been assigned to protect. They had tried their best but it wasn't good enough and when we join up with them, Brink is in pretty bad shape from having been beaten while handcuffed. So is Alex. Declan is not as bad but then again the terrorists wanted him looking alright for the camera before they forced him to read a statement and then be beheaded. That is  Alex sort of volunteers and when Brink manages to pick the locks and things get really squirrelly and ... then things went dark.

Time and the story jump ahead to the present, eight years later, and Brink awakens in a hospital after having been in a coma off and on for all that stretch. Confusion and difficulty speaking and understanding are what greet him but at least he is once again conscious. Another jump ahead six months and he has made tremendous strides in recovery.

Physical therapy and solid nutrition has returned his body to the impressive condition it used to enjoy. He has learned that the head injuries he has suffered had allowed the military hospital to be 'creative' in its procedures. Like removing damaged brain tissue, culture it and inject those cells with "an ambitious cocktail of drugs". Why not, since he was expected to die at any time and this was an opportunity to learn. Except he didn't die and his healing brain with its improvements leave now awakened Brink in an interesting state. "Stronger and faster in some ways but problematic in others", is how it is explained to him.

Brink has an issue that will not let go. He constantly wonders about how they were captured. How dozens of Shia terrorists dressed in police uniforms knew where and when they would be and had them surrounded so quickly. Someone in the Foreign Office had to have tipped them off. Why? Brink had no idea but now that he was awake and mostly healed, he planned to find out.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Saint Of Baghdad The Saint Of Baghdad
Written by Michael Woodman
Copyright: 2019

"A special forces veteran turned VIP bodyguard, CJ has seen it all. But nothing could have prepared him for the ambush in Iraq that left everyone else dead and CJ in a coma.
Eight years later he resurfaces, damaged but determined, and he wants answers. Someone set them up, but who? The only person who may know is Enya, the sister of the man he was hired to protect. She's stuck by him throughout his recovery, but like every other player in this dangerous game, she has her own agenda. And the more questions he asks, the bigger the target on his back.
One thing is clear. Someone is afraid of what he knows, and they want him dead"
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2 Domino Die Domino Die
Written by Michael Woodman
Copyright: 2020

"CJ Brink has a decision to make. Walk away from his vigilante past, or finish one last job—killing Preston, his ex-boss, the man responsible for the death of his friend Alex. When protecting an innocent woman lands CJ on the wrong side of the law, mysterious new allies make the choice easy. They want Preston dead too, and their offer is sweet. But there’s a catch… whose side are they on?
Holed up in his fortress in Spain, Preston is brokering a deal to kickoff World War III. The weapon—codename Domino—will change the balance of world power forever."
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At first I thought this was not going to qualify for membership in the compendium because it was about a bodyguard turned vigilante. Interested nevertheless, I got into it and discovered it also dealt with terrorists and turncoats and national security and that all made it definitely belong.

Plus these two adventures, both a bit different from the other, were pretty darn enjoyable and so here we are.

I cannot imagine getting knocked out and then waking up nearly a decade later. That part just blew my mind. It was definitely something I had not seen before.


My Grade: B


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