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Full Name: Rupert Brett
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: Simon Fairfax
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


Rupert Brett is a part-time agent for British Intelligence.

He definitely does not want to be but when you find yourself in a bit of trouble and men from the covert side of things offer to help in exchange for some small things here and there, well, you would be foolish to not take it. Brett is many things but not foolish.

He is eager, brash, a tad too naive, and truly wet behind the ears. He is also keenly observant, extremely intelligent, quite gifted in many ways, and determined to make it in the City. His chosen area of employment is commercial property management and we first meet him as he is applying for a position with the large and still growing firm of Cowl Rubens in the West End of London.

The young Brett we meet initially is 22 years of age, "just over six feet tall, fashionably cut dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, a full mouth, and an expression of assurance that anything was possible". As the adventures progress over the years, we will see him age, obviously, and the assurance will fade a tad while his determination will remain fixed.

It will be in the first recorded adventure where Brett will encounter the trouble that will eventually lead to his introduction to Intelligence work but he finds that once the cloak-and-dagger fellows learn of your skillset, they will not hesitate to call on you for this and that. And as Brett's star rises over the years and his place in the financial hierarchy improves, his ability to be of even more assistance will grow to and those who job it is to know things will know how valuable he can be.

Luckily, his troubles will also throw him, after a time, into contact with Chris Adams, Sergeant in the 22 SAS, who will be told to work with Brett and who will provide the much needed survival and battle skills that Brett, for all his keen intelligence, is very much lacking.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 A Deadly Deal A Deadly Deal
Written by Simon Fairfax
Copyright: 2017

"1980s London. Rupert Brett has high expectations as he enters the world of property investment. His mind is filled with thoughts of exciting deals, big bonuses and one-night stands with beautiful women. Instead he finds himself lost in a world of corruption, blackmail and murder.
Alone without any allies, his only asset is his intelligence. When he finds himself the prime suspect for murder, Rupert fights against double dealing, treachery and money laundering. Following a trail that leads to Italy and back, he has to find a way to sting the dealers before his life and those he cares about are forfeit."
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2 A Deal Too Far A Deal Too Far
Written by Simon Fairfax
Copyright: 2018

"Autumn 1990, property agent Rupert Brett is facing a crisis. The international property market is in dire straits and Brett finds his own world imploding, as fund managers struggle desperately with a world in deep recession. The UK markets are against him and he may lose his job and everything he has built up. He is then asked to spy for his country and lay his life on the line.
Calling once more upon his specialist skills, the UK Government task him to open a new international property office in Buenos Aires and feed them information on a possible invasion. Evading global forces searching for oil, Brett encounters threats and danger from all sides, including a traitor within his own security forces.
Finding data crucial to the safety of the Falkland Islands, Brett and Chris Adams, a mysterious SAS soldier, are trapped and alone as they fight to escape Argentina before they are found and killed."
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3 A Deal With the Devil A Deal With the Devil
Written by Simon Fairfax
Copyright: 2018

"1995 and Rupert Brett is riding a market gone wild with greed and crazy money. With the American Sub-Prime madness just beginning, Brett seeks new markets where he finds international money laundering, double dealing and murder.
Reporting to the British government they task him once again to spy for them. The trail leads to high finance property deals, cocaine smuggling and the glamorous international polo circuit.
Teaming again with SAS sergeant Chris Adams, they are pitted against drug cartels, Irish terrorists and an old nemesis returns, throwing their lives into danger. He must now deal for the ultimate stakes: not just his life, but those of his wife and unborn child."
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4 A Deal On Ice A Deal On Ice
Written by Simon Fairfax
Copyright: 2019

"1999 and Rupert Brett is at the top of his game. He is head of Capital Markets worldwide and is given the challenge: open the Moscow office! Rupert finds Moscow is an exciting place to be, but behind every deal there is bribery and he will need all his experience to navigate the corridors of power.
On the inside Rupert finds corruption, powerful Oligarchs and a new Russian Leader Vladimir Putin. The UK Government is opening political boundaries with immigration relaxed. The two worlds begin to collide: desperate secrets need to be kept by both sides, with Rupert caught in the middle. Calling upon his old friend ex-SAS sergeant Chris Adams to help him escape, an international manhunt begins.
Framed for murder, Rupert will have to call upon all his street wise cunning as a game of cat and mouse begins among the streets of Moscow and the corridors of power in London. With his life on the line he may never see freedom again."
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4.5 Rupert Brett Thrillers Box Set Rupert Brett Thrillers Box Set
Written by Simon Fairfax
Copyright: 2020

A collection of the four Rupert Brett financial spy thrillers shown above.
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I do not know what in the author's history gives him the knowledge of high stakes property management but it sure sounds impressive. Of course, my knowledge of the same is so non-existent, how would I know if what Simon Fairfax is saying is correct or not. Come to think of it, I don't really care. Sounds good to me so I'll bite!

The various stages of Rupert Brett's life/career first drew me to the series. He starts out a newbie. Then he is a veteran. Then an old hand. And then a seasoned professional at the top of his game. At property management, of course. At being a part-time operative, well, it is a good thing that Sgt. Adams is nearby.


My Grade: B+


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