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Full Name: Katrina Leonidivna
Series Name: Dangerous Clique
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jim Geraghty
Time Span: 2019 - 2022


Katrina Leonidivna is an agent with the CIA.

She is the field leader of an unofficial group of operatives for the Agency which is known as the Dangerous Clique; described in one blurb in a very misleading "a little-known mischievous unit within the CIA"- misleading because that implies playfulness which does not show just how serious these people can be.

"The story in government law-enforcement circles was that a little after 9/11, somebody high up ... had formed some sort of minimally-supervised team assigned to hunt down up-and-coming minor-league terrorists and take them out before they could advance to the major leagues". This team was nicknamed the 'Dangerous Clique' "because they were close-knit and didn't like working with others".

The offices that the team use in the CIA campus in Tysons Corner is often referred to by both its distractors and its admirers as "the Island of Misfit Toys".

Leonidivna, who is definitely the field leader of the team and deservedly so, is married to her operative partner Alex Flanagan, though how qualified Flanagan is for the field is shown with "Alec didn't belong here, by any measure. He was trained as an analyst specializing in terror financing but had spent years jumping into the field with the ops side, against the better judgment of just about everyone. Katrina's reputation within the Agency was sterling; his ... wasn't. Despite widespread skepticism and more than a few encounters that had gone very wrong very fast, he had managed to keep himself in one piece".

Leonidivna is described as "strikingly and unforgettably good-looking, but hard to place with her exotic Eurasian features and an age that could be anywhere in her thirties to early forties. Katrina was gracious and professional, but [the commentator] could sense that Katrina was used to owning a room - and ... always figuring out how to get out of that room if trouble arrived". One very telling point that helps prove that last is she usually makes sure she wears sensible shoes no matter where; running in high heels doesn't work.

The overall head of the group is Rachel Holtz who "was welcoming but perhaps a bit run down - Raquel seemed to be carrying the weight of twenty-some years of agency work and balancing the strong personalities of her team with changing administrations, changing CIA directors, Byzantine office politics and a world full of troubles. Raquel always seemed close to her wit's end, but that wit's end kept extending a little further each day, because the only thing worse than whatever problems had landed on her desk was the thought of stepping aside and letting someone else handle it".

Two other members of the team are:
Dominca 'Dee' Alves - their NSA-trained teammate and hack-of-all-trades, of whom Raquel says admiringly, "if you tell Dee she can't do something, she takes it as a challenge" and she usually comes through.
Walt Rutledge - described by a non-fan as a 'trigger-happy former Army Ranger', alluding to his Army psyche eval which said he had "an irrational exuberance for using explosives".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2022

1 Between Two Scorpions Between Two Scorpions
Written by Jim Geraghty
Copyright: 2019

"A long dormant CIA asset emerges from hiding to request a meeting with his former handler, the beautiful, enigmatic intelligence operative Katrina Leonidivna. She’s skeptical that the source, a shady arms dealer, is on the level.
But when Katrina barely escapes with her life after an explosion rips through the café where they met, she’s forced to take his tip seriously. Alongside her husband, Alec Flanagan, and a rogue crew of covert agents from every corner of the intelligence community, Katrina races around the globe to uncover the truth.
What this dangerous clique of operatives discover is a plot that could rip America apart from the inside."
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2 Hunting Four Horsemen Hunting Four Horsemen
Written by Jim Geraghty
Copyright: 2020

"The coronavirus pandemic is over, but it inspired a sinister plot.
As a bruised, wary world tries to return to something resembling normal, the CIA’s Katrina Leonidivna and her Dangerous Clique team are in hot pursuit of a rogue Iranian spy with ties to the now-mostly-forgotten Atarsa terrorist group. But that spy reveals a terrifying new threat: someone calling himself Hell-Summoner has approached Tehran – and other rogue regimes – offering to sell them a deadly virus that would make the first pandemic look tame and plunge a world already on the brink into total chaos."
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3 Gathering Five Storms Gathering Five Storms
Written by Jim Geraghty
Copyright: 2022

"After a foiled strike on CIA headquarters and a threatening note that hints that those behind the attack have an axe to grind against the Dangerous Clique, Katrina Leonidivna, her husband Alec Flanagan, and the rest of the team reexamine their old case files to determine who wants them dead. The chase leads them down memory lane and around the globe as the crew reminisces about the chaotic first days of their partnership."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 Saving the Devil Saving the Devil
short story
Written by Jim Geraghty
Copyright: 2022

"To save the world, the Dangerous Clique must save the devil first.
The Dangerous Clique, a little-known mischievous unit within the CIA, averted global disaster by thwarting the Shedim criminal syndicate’s attempt to unleash a deadly bioweapon. But while the Shedim’s ringleaders are facing justice, plenty of the network’s minions remain free and eager to strike. Indeed, mere public knowledge of the failed plot’s true nature, engineering a virus to target particular genes, could inspire a sinister copycat attack."
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Minor nitpick - the titles of the first three adventures have numbers 2, 4, and 5. What happened to 3? My OCD was triggered big time and went in search of the missing 3 adventure. Did not find it. Not cool!

What is cool, though, is this series and the "misfit toys", each of whom it is fun to follow. Well, maybe not Alec though the dear man does try his best. But Katrina and Dominca and Walt, yeah, they are a blast to follow and I really hope the author had a good enough time writing the first three tales (or is there really a fourth? - Let it go, man!) to give us more stories.


My Grade: A-


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