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Full Name: Richard Halliburton
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Garrett Drake
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Richard Halliburton is an American adventurer.

By profession and for his day-to-day expenses, he is a travel writer who bankrolled his impressive excursions all over the globe by writing both poetically and practically about the regions he visited, the peoples he encountered, and the dangers he undertook - all in a way that was informative and highly entertaining to readership back in the States. At times he supplemented both his income and his reputation by working in the journalist field as well as on the lecture tour.

This quite handsome man with a glib tongue and smooth, easy-going style was definitely a hit both behind a lectern and out on yet another excursion. Standing a modest 5'7 and weighing only 140 lbs., Halliburton nevertheless achieved a much larger persona by never hesitating to travel to new places to try new things, always with an eye to excitement and anything that would allow him to avoid what his father recommended for him - "an even tenor". 

"I hate that expression", he was quoted as saying, "and as far as I am able I intend to avoid that condition. When impulse and spontaneity fail to make my way uneven then I shall sit up nights inventing means of making my life as conglomerate and vivid as possible.... And when my time comes to die, I'll be able to die happy, for I will have done and seen and heard and experienced all the joy, pain and thrills - any emotion that any human ever had - and I'll be especially happy if I am spared a stupid, common death in bed."

Much of his adventures are recorded for posterity in the journals he published over time about these escapades, the first of which started when in 1919 at the age of 19 he chose to take a break from college to work as a common seaman aboard a freighter heading to England. A year later he would return to finish his degree at Princeton before again heading out into the, for him, yet unexplored.

The adventures we have recorded of Halliburton are those he chose not to make public during his life, deeds done on behalf of U.S. Army Intelligence who saw in this young adventurer someone who was willing to go to exotic places on their behalf - or having already arrived at such places still agreed to do little jobs for them.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Secret of the King's Tomb The Secret of the King's Tomb
Written by Garrett Drake
Copyright: 2019

The date is January, 1922.
"Following the end of World War I, the German Reichswehr set out on an ambitious—and unconventional—expedition to rebuild the military’s war chest beyond the auspices of the restrictive Treaty of Versailles.
But when U.S. Army intelligence got wind of what the Reichswehr was doing, action was required. And Richard Halliburton was the man drafted into service.
Join Halliburton on this pulse-pounding adventure in his race to stop the Germans from uncovering one of the greatest artifacts—and secrets—in Egyptian history."
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2 The Raja's Lost Treasure The Raja's Lost Treasure
Written by Garrett Drake
Copyright: 2019

The date is April, 1922.
"Reichswehr agents are marching through India in search of a lost treasure from the 16th Century.
And so is Richard Halliburton, an unlikely U.S. Army Intelligence agent.
In this thrilling race across India to find the treasure first, Halliburton must stop the Reichswehr from uncovering the hidden fortune and stealing it right from underneath the noses of the Indian people"
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3 The Hidden Seal of the Realm The Hidden Seal of the Realm
Written by Garrett Drake
Copyright: 2020

The date is November, 1922.
"Richard Halliburton returns as he plunges deep into the heart of the South Pacific and China in search of a treasure that had been missing for nearly a thousand years. Halliburton races to retrieve the lost heirloom seal, which is being pursued by mercenaries, pirates, and a special ops unit of Reichswehr soldiers."
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4 The Quest for the Fuji Cipher The Quest for the Fuji Cipher
Written by Garrett Drake
Copyright: 2020

The date is December, 1922.
"The ever-intrepid Richard Halliburton gets enlisted to deliver a package to Japan in a joint mission with British and U.S. intelligence agencies. However, when his plans for a smooth deliver go south, Halliburton finds himself battling a secret society of samurai warriors, fending off Japan’s most dangerous predator, and trying to survive the bitter temperatures of Mt. Fuji—all while tracking down one of Japan’s most notorious spies."
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5 The Chase for the General's Gold The Chase for the General's Gold
Written by Garrett Drake
Copyright: 2021

The date is May, 1923.
"When Richard Halliburton returns to the U.S. to nurture his fledgling writing career, he gets roped into investigating one of the biggest mysteries in American history—and gets more than he bargained for.
With German spies lurking, Halliburton must figure out a way to expose them and prevent them from collecting one of the biggest hidden treasures from the U.S. during the 19th Century … General Custer’s Gold."
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I am often quite dubious of placing real life people into fictional adventures. Sometimes it is awesome and a hoot to read and moreoften it is contrived and a bit silly.

This is definitely the former. These are really fun adventures, expertly told and full of the same kind of excitement I would expect to read in any of the actual adventure logs published by Halliburton during his lifetime.

I commend the author for coming up with exciting missions to be handed Halliburton as he was going about the worldwide travels that would make him famous. His determination to seek new and interesting things to do and see fit in beautifully with what comes across as his excitement at throwing in added danger by spying on enemy agents up to no good, all told in a wonderfully easy, smooth style that to me seemed to fit the man.


My Grade: B+


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