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Full Name: Harry Paterson
Series Name: Heirs and Descendants
Nationality: British
Organization: British Security Services
Occupation Agent

Creator: Daniel Kemp
Time Span: 2017 - 2023


Harry Paterson is an agent with MI6.

We should refer to him as Lord Paterson, since when we meet him he is just learning of the recent murder of his father, the previous Earl of Harrogate and Sheriff of the County of Yorkshire. When the younger Paterson heads to London to handle legal and financial matters as a result of the killing, he will get his first experience with the shadowy world of international espionage.

The Paterson family, we will discover, has a long history of being deeply involved in one way or another with spy business, going at least as far back as Harry's great-grandfather, Maudlin Paterson, and the rewards and other repercussions of those activities will come back to confront Harry Patterson throughout the events we are allowed to follow, sometimes for the good and other times not so much.

In the case of our Paterson, while he does not seem particularly thrilled with having to deal with these new situations, he also does not come across as especially upset by then either. Perhaps it is in his blood or perhaps he is just finding out he enjoys it as much as his predecessors did.

Paterson is a man very much used to the finer things in life but he is also a fellow who takes his responsibilities, especially as a landowner, quite seriously. He might be wealthy, and apparently he very much is, but he is not one to just 'hire-it-done'. When he is told of his father's death, he has just come in from helping his farm tenants kill crows out to prey on newborn lambs. When the predators on two legs start to circle and threaten him personally, he is just as ready to respond to them as he was to the crows.

Regarding his family's position in the nobility hierarchy, he tells us, "The Patersons are directly related to royalty, albeit from the wrong side of the blanket, but that deviance from a purity of lineage has not stopped our progress through the upper levels of this sceptred isle, in fact, the opposite is true."

Paterson is single with no long-term relationship going but he has an eye for the lovely ladies and they reciprocate, though he is always aware it might be for his charm or for his money and title. He is not jaded, just wary.

One interesting aspect about Paterson's foray into the cloak-and-dagger world is that he will become more appreciated by the CIA than his own MI6. "My own personal star is in the ascendency, particularly within the secret intelligence community of America, however, it must be said that our own secret services are not thought highly of at all over there, or here." Paterson has an enjoyable albeit interesting attitude towards such things.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Desolate Garden The Desolate Garden
Written by Daniel Kemp
Copyright: 2017

"After Harry Paterson is summoned to London following his father's murder, he finds out that the late Lord Elliot Paterson had discovered hidden information dated all the way back to 1936... and a vast quantity of money erased from the accounts.
Mysterious initials and an address in Leningrad - a major port in former Soviet Union - are his only clues.
Together with the attractive Judith Meadows, Harry must unravel his father's mysterious death - and figure out the mystery hidden in the files of the Royal Government Bank."
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2 Percy Crow Percy Crow
Written by Daniel Kemp
Copyright: 2017

"Captured by the enemy during World War Two, Percy Crow escapes in the bilges of a freighter from Soviet Russia to Hamburg.
There, he sells his secrets to the head of British Intelligence. But when Lord Maudlin Paterson hears Percy’s account of the royal family's dark secrets, he sets out to find the truth, however repulsive it may be.
Decades later, the daughter of Maudlin’s illegitimate Russian son suddenly blurts out Percy’s name while being interrogated by the CIA — and Harry Paterson, Maudlin’s legitimate great-grandson, is the only person she trusts.
Along with his lifelong friend George Northcliffe and the beautiful Serena Abenazo, Harry starts unravelling the clues. But can he discover his great-grandfather's secrets, and where will the rattling bones of the sepia images lead him?"
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3 What Comes Before What Comes Before
Written by Daniel Kemp
Copyright: 2023

"Lord Harry Paterson, Sheriff of the County of Yorkshire, is coerced back to work for the British Security Services after witnessing the macabre death of a beautiful, young woman at a grouse shoot hosted by his friend and ex-fellow army officer, Viscount Winston Bottomly.
Unbeknownst to Harry, the woman - the Viscount’s fiancée - had stolen a top-secret file from the French consulate in London, containing information about an innovative encryption method called post quantum signal cryptography. With the power to endanger every communication method in use between allied nations, the document - in the wrong hands - could completely change the balance of power between East and West.
To avoid a technological threat to world safety, Harry is instructed to find the file and eliminate all those who have seen its contents. But does he still have what it takes to get the job done?"
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4 My Truth, Your Lies My Truth, Your Lies
Written by Daniel Kemp
Copyright: 2023

"Drawn to interrogate his nemesis, Judith Meadows - the traitor he discovered inside British Intelligence - Harry Paterson heads to an old Scottish manor on the Shetland Isles.
Suspecting that the ultimate target for the foreign covert agents, identified inside the stolen encrypted file, are the two NATO bases on Cyprus, he needs Meadows to shed light on the meaning of a cryptic message he received from a Russian master spy.
With several terrorist factions involved, can Harry discover the link between the power-mad South African and the allegations about nuclear weapons, hidden in a vast family estate?"
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I am not now nor have I ever been an aristocrat and member of the peerage like Lord Harry Paterson. I am an American and we do not have royalty and don't want them (well, unless you count celebrities and the like in which case, boy do we have a bunch). Anyways, being a Yank and eschewing the 'titled' aside, I really like Harry a bunch and I had a blast following him in his adventures which are pretty widespread and all still quite inviting and captivating.

And one of his opponents, the very dangerous Judith Meadows, is just as magnetizing.


My Grade: A-


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