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Full Name: Agent 9
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: Super-Secret Spy Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Burks
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Agent 9 is an agent with S4.

That is the abbreviation commonly used for the Super-Secret Spy Service (see, 4 S's, though in normal government reasoning, we have to make it S4). We are told in explanation of the purpose behind this organization, "The Super-Secret Spy Service's mission is to keep the world safe from maniacal villains." Now, who decides whether a bad guy is actually maniacal and who are just sort of nutso, I am not sure, but should a no-good-nik slip into the mania phase, this is the team that will send someone to stop whatever mischief they have planned.

One of their very best operatives (the very is my word but it sounded good) is Agent 9. Agent 9 is a male feline but it's important to make sure you know that in this universe, such critters walk on two legs and have arms with fingers (although I would still watch out for any claws). So they are kind of like people but not so much.

Anyways, Agent 9 - no other name that I could find - is a great agent who makes sure the job gets done, no matter what. It is the that last phrase that has gotten him suspended (I believe the adverb 'again' is applicable here) because, well, sometimes things go a bit wrong. This last oops was a particularly annoying one in which he was supposed to stop an art heist and he did. Yea him! Except a priceless Pigasso painting was a wee bit totally destroyed. Boo him! You see why his director would be less than happy with him and that is why he is on suspension.

So once he is back in action, Agent 9 is out to prove just how very good he is at his job, no matter what it takes. Why does that worry me?


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Agent 9: Flood-A-Geddon! Agent 9: Flood-A-Geddon!
Published by Razorbill
Contributors: James Burks (writer and artist)
Copyright: 2021

Agent 9 is on probation (again). "But when bumbling supervillain King Crab manages to overtake S4 head­quarters, there is no one else to turn to. Nine—along with a robotic partner named FiN—is all that stands between King Crab and his diabolical plans to melt the polar ice caps and build a massive water park."

2 Agent 9: Mind Control! Agent 9: Mind Control!
Published by Razorbill
Contributors: James Burks (writer and artist)
Copyright: 2022

Agent 9's next assignment is to stop the Wolf, a sneaking canine who has been picked by DiViSiON to find the last couple of pieces of a mind control device. 9 is teamed up with Traps, a mouse, but that does not work out so well.


How weird is it that I know this is just a comicbook series and not real life and yet! Agent 9 kinda really creeps me out. I guess he supposed to be intimidating but he looks like he is three steps beyond manic and about to do who knows what to anyone getting in his way. Putting the comic down slowly, I am, and backing away.

This series was meant for, I'm guessing, younger audiences but I am not certain about that. I just know it was definitely not for old scaredy-cats like me. Maybe you will have different takes on him. Let me know.


My Grade: C


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