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Full Name: Alivia Morgan
Nationality: American
Organization: NEST
Occupation Agent

Creator: David J. Antocci
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


Alivia Morgan is an agent with NEST.

That is the New England Special Terrorist Division. We are told that NEST was one of nearly a dozen regional anti-terrorist task forces created years ago in the wake of 9/11 under the umbrella of Homeland Security, the headquarters for this department "sat tucked into a nondescript industrial building toward the backside of the UMass Boston campus, a stone's throw from the JFK Presidential Library". It is lead by Director Luis Huerta.

The best agent that NEST has, and the one that Huerta will go to first whenever she is available, is Morgan. A single woman, 34 years old when we first meet her, she hails from Vermont where her parents and her nephew still live. She left home immediately after graduating high school because the call to serve her country and do her part in its defense was so strong, nothing else could have come before.

After joining the military, she would spend the next fifteen years in the US Army, "as she progressed up the ranks, eventually through Army Ranger School and into Special Ops". It was in the last couple of years there that overtures of joining Homeland Security began to be made. When she finally agreed, it was decided returning to her native New England was her most desired choices, thus making her a part of NEST. She has been with that organization long enough to become that premiere operative.

Morgan described as a tall, beautiful woman; she inherited her Mediterranean bronze complexion and looks from her mother and her height and athleticism from her father. "She'd been complimented plenty by her fair share of men over the years, though eventually her beauty turned into an added layer of difficulty throughout her military career. She often found herself having to prove that she was more than a beautiful face and flawless curves, or having to downplay her looks to avoid the attention." Despite the frequent compliments about her looks, though, Morgan remembers how she was always the skinny tom-boyish looking girl through all her school years; having not "blossomed" into the woman she is now, "she still saw the awkward plain Jane girl with braces and glasses looking back at her from the mirror."

Morgan is quite capable of and frequently happy with working by herself if needed but she does enjoy a small cadre of interesting colleagues to help survive the adventures. Top of that list is fellow operative, JJ, her main love interest.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 NEST: Retribution NEST: Retribution
Written by David J. Antocci
Copyright: 2017

"The Rally for US was meant to be a day of celebration. Instead, that crisp October morning turned into the bloodiest terror attack to strike the city of Boston in more than a decade. And the terrorists are just getting started.
To hunt down the insurgents, the New England Special Terrorist Division—NEST—turn to their most senior and capable agent, Alivia Morgan. Ripped from her home and family to join the battle, she had no idea just how deeply personal the fight would become.
Captured, alone, and armed only with her years of training and experience in Special Ops and the elite Army Rangers, Alivia realizes she’s in a race against time. Can she escape with her life and stop the impending attacks before the clock runs out?"
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2 NEST: Reformation NEST: Reformation
Written by David J. Antocci
Copyright: 2018

It is the worst possible time to combat an empowered, homegrown terrorist hell-bent on turning the clock back centuries on American progress. After arranging the murder of a young black man at the hands of neo-Nazi skinheads, the charismatic Andre Sauber and his army of thugs seize a diverse, inner-city high school. His goal is as simple as it is evil: force the government to release a faction of violent, like-minded criminals, unleashing a revolution that will forever destroy the fabric of modern America.
With the student body locked down and the death toll rising, NEST turns to their most skilled agent, Alivia Morgan."
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3 NEST: Contagion NEST: Contagion
Written by David J. Antocci
Copyright: 2019

"$5 million found in an offshore account. A deadly outbreak poised to run rampant through the city, the President taken hostage, and a mole feeding information to the enemy.
The odds have never been stacked higher against Alivia Morgan, an elite Special Agent with the New England Special Terrorist Division. When the money is tied to one of her closest allies, there is no one left to rely on but herself.
With time running out for the infected masses, Alivia must choose between saving the President, or saving thousands. But in the process has she condemned herself?"
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4 The Creighton File The Creighton File
Written by David J. Antocci
Copyright: 2019

A prequel adventure taking place several years before we first meet Alivia Morgan. She is not in this story but the man who will become her love interest, JJ, is one of the stars.
"What began as the greatest night of his life ended in blood-soaked tragedy. His wife murdered hours after they said, "I do." With a police investigation sabotaged from the beginning, Jake and his brother, outgunned and outmatched, take justice into their own hands to hunt down his wife's killer.
Up against money, power, and Texas-style corruption, Jake earns a fast-pass to a death sentence at the most notorious execution chamber in the country. What would destroy most men makes Jake Accardi fearless."
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Alicia Morgan is an interesting character that I would love to be able to watch on television - mind you, I really enjoyed reading about here in these pages so nicely crafted by author David Antocci. She would make such a compelling character to observe in action. And there are a fair number of highly gifted women in their late 30s or early 40s who could truly bring her essence to life.

That is probably too much to hope for. Just as it might be too much to wish that Mr. Antocci would be so kind as to give us some more time spent with this dangerous but captivating woman.


My Grade: B+


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