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Full Name: Mia Mathis
Nationality: American
Organization: The Summit
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brett Baker
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


Mia Mathis is an agent with the Summit.

What, or who, exactly is the Summit, well, that's pretty hush-hush, even from its operatives and from the looks of it, that is a decent number. "The Summit required secrecy. It preserved and manufactured it. Only those immersed in it knew that it existed, and more often than not anyone who discovered The Summit did so at the end of their life. Or at what became the end of their life. Mia had heard of people who learned of The Summit and lived, but they almost always became part of The Summit. Few people outside The Summit knew that it existed.

The Summit is a global organization but it is affiliated with nothing else. "We're not just non-governmental. We're more NEO. Non-existent organization. We're a shadow. A hologram. No more tangible than an early-morning mist."

It does not have any known central headquarters nor any region stations from which to stage its operations. "Instead, safe havens called Roosts provide a space where agents can retreat when they're on a mission and need a place to take cover or plan or consult with Polestar, the intelligence gathering branch of The Summit. It's rare to encounter another agent at the Roost. It's a secluded spot for a temporary respite from the outside world, so by definition no one stays long."

The tasks that the operatives for the Summit are asked to do are pretty varied but as Mathis explains, "We do human rights work. We find missing people. We protect the natural environment. We protect the integrity of organizations that can't protect themselves. We eliminate entities that might create chaos. Yes, we do some law enforcement. But as I'm sure you can imagine, law enforcement isn't an objective pursuit on a worldwide scale."

But more than secrecy from its agents, The Summit required self-sufficiency. And self-sufficiency requires making judgment calls. The Summit trained its agents to evaluate a situation, decide the best course of action, and then act. Mia and the other agents of The Summit never questioned each other's actions because they all knew that they shared the same training, if not the exact same experience."

This usually meant that it was the operatives themselves who decided what missions to go on. "We're all making decisions. I decide things for myself, [as do the other agents].. We're taught to manage ourselves. We problem solve. We investigate. We coordinate. But we don't rely on others."

Mathis is likely in her mid-to-late 20s and has been an agent for most of her adult life. She is said to be beautiful and she definitely is athletic, pulling off some impressive physical acts including being very proficient at hand-to-hand combat willing to use any object nearby as a makeshift weapon. For all the many scrapes and dangerous calls she finds herself in, though, she does not like to carry a gun because "those things are dangerous!"

She has a fondness for the expression 'golly f**k'. She says it a lot as her go-to expression for surprise, annoyance, or just because.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 Must Come Down Must Come Down
Written by Brett Baker
Copyright: 2017

"Buster Dodge has made it big in China, but he has partnered with Neil Driscoll back in New York on a plan that stands to net billions of dollars. Everything’s in place, but betrayal is in the air, and a plan that seemed like a sure thing is in grave danger.
Can Mia track the gold back to its source? Can Buster trust anyone? Is freedom worth its weight in gold?"
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2 For the Trees For the Trees
Written by Brett Baker
Copyright: 2017

"Mia's back and now it's personal. After a narrow escape from an unprovoked attack, Mia receives devastating news. She’s used to death, but when loved ones are involved her investigation takes on intense urgency."
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3 Louder Than Words Louder Than Words
Written by Brett Baker
Copyright: 2019

"Mia Mathis knows what she has to do. The order is unmistakable: eliminate Martin Coulson. Don’t capture him. Don’t question him. Eliminate him. But eliminating Coulson is just the beginning. As Mia searches for answers behind Coulson’s activities, she delves into a world of greed, corruption, and an endless barrage of people who want to kill her."
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I love an operative who eschews firearms because they 'are dangerous'. They are! Read a newspaper - oh, too old school? Check out of 6:30 news - that too so 90s? Whatever. Mathis does not like guns and while she does know how to use them, she would far prefer not to and just take things into her own hands, literally.

I also got a hoot out of her 'golly f**k' cries. I don't think I've ever heard that uttered in real life but I like it!

And I really enjoy reading about Mia Mathis. It has been more than a couple of years since the last Mathis adventure so it seems unlikely there will be any more and that is a shame.


My Grade: B+


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