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Full Name: Merlin Arthur Dragon
Series Name: The Stopper Files
Codename: Stopper
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: Interpol
Occupation Agent

Creator: Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Merlin Arthur Dragon is an agent with Interpol.

His job inside that international policing organization is that of a Stopper. In fact he is the Stopper. Just him.

So, it does not take much imagination to discern what a 'stopper' is but to hear his new boss, Laurent, describe it, "The member countries [have determined] we need a new method to deal with an increasing number of bad players around the world. Specifically, the worst of the bad players". He adds, "The people we send you after will be a danger to a member country for any number of reasons. They may even be a threat to the entire world. But whatever the reason, all of your assignments will be threats we can't deal with effectively through the federal, state or local police forces of a member country. And these threats will have to be dealt with quickly. They will need to be stopped dead." The person doing the stopping is, obviously, the Stopper.

Dragon was chosen because after searching through a considerable number of candidates, the selection team came up with Dragon. His new boss states, "[You] have a high moral compass, Mr. Dragon. Your psychological tests indicate you are a man who will do the right thing. Always. Despite the fact you've been a paper pusher for five years with the Canadian Army and the last four years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, you have natural instincts for this job. Your talents were being wasted."

As an agent with Interpol, Dragon is issued a 'special passport' which allows him to "move freely across virtually every border in the world" as it is tied into the government offices of all 190 Interpol member countries. He is also in possession of what looks like a standard mobile phone with a few generic apps on it. Facial recognition of Dragon will open up a storehouse of additional useful apps as well as the ability to communicate 24/7 with Interpol's extensive database. "You'll be able to search and cross-check information on just about anything in a matter of seconds. Criminals profiles, stolen and lost travel documents or administrative documents, stolen motor vehicles, fingerprints, DNA profiles, stolen works of art, whatever you need."

Dragon is told in the single interview for a job he did not know about beforehand that he could opt to decline the new position but if he did, he would be "taken from here to a lonely spot in the woods and shot". At that, Laurent gave him a mischievous grin and said, "Just screwing with you". But then the grin disappears but the woods would be mentioned again later. Joke? Dragon was not sure.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022

1 Iron Pipeline Iron Pipeline
Written by Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Copyright: 2017

"Deaths in New York and surrounding states are piling up. Drug dealers, gang-bangers and police alike are dying violently as the supply of black market guns on the streets is out of control. Merlin Arthur Dragon, Interpol's new (and only) Stopper, is thrown into the deep end of the pool before he is ready and sent to end the carnage. His assignment is to stop the gun runners and their steady stream of weapons from flowing up the Iron Pipeline, Interstate I-95 and its connector highways in the United States. But as Merlin struggles to learn on the job, he uncovers a conspiracy that will send a ripple of fear through law enforcement and threaten the lives of untold numbers unless stopped."
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2 Economic Hitman Economic Hitman
Written by Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Copyright: 2017

"Merlin Arthur Dragon is thrust deeper into his on the job training as Interpol’s Stopper when a new member country is placed dead center in the crosshairs of an Economic Hitman. As Interpol's only agent assigned to stop crimes and criminals around the world by whatever means necessary, Dragon comes face to face with a number of hard, brutal questions. Ones that could change him deeply and haunt him forever. How far are is he willing to go to stop an economic crime? What exactly is he prepared to do to stop an assassination? To stop a civil war?"
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3 The Gunrunner The Gunrunner
Written by Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Copyright: 2018

"Merlin Arthur Dragon - Interpol's one and only Stopper - tasked with stopping the bad guys by any means necessary - faces an ominous threat. Terrorists are about to get their hands on a Cold War weapon hidden for decades - a Russian nuclear suitcase bomb. What will he be forced to do? How far will he be willing to go? What inner demons will he stare down to keep innocent people from being consumed in a nuclear blast?"
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4 Assassin Assassin
Written by Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Copyright: 2019

"When those close to Merlin Arthur Dragon become targets of an assassin, he immediately springs into action, throwing caution to the wind to hunt down the perpetrator. But Interpol's Stopper soon finds himself the target of a massive manhunt by his own organization. How did things become twisted so quickly? And why? What - and who - is behind the French Gendarmerie Nationale threatening to hunt him down and kill him? Unless Merlin can find the truth to those questions, death will be the final answer."
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5 Dark Money Dark Money
Written by Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Copyright: 2019

"Merlin Arthur Dragon, Interpol's one and only Stopper, is pulled into the world of dark money, political corruption, espionage, and murder. Tasked with ferreting out ambitious politicians turned into Russian agents in the American, Canadian, and British governments, Merlin collides with the world of a ruthless Russian oligarch and his violent henchmen. How far will he need to go to terminate the threat?"
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6 Revenge Revenge
Written by Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Copyright: 2022

"When the American military and their coalition partners in the Middle East betray one of their own, including killing the family in an air strike, Merlin Arthur Dragon is sent in to deal with the result of the treachery. Revenge in the form of biological warfare. Unleashing a weapon of mass destruction that will bring death for millions around the world."
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I've had a few interviews over the course of my working life and luckily none of them involved being told that if I did not take the job, well, it would end badly for me! There were a couple where I knew if I had taken the job, I might end up pulling the trigger on myself but the other way?

I mention this because it was a really innovative and enjoyable start to a fun, exciting series by a gifted writer. He tells a mean story and keeps the action going while also doing a terrific job of letting us into the mind of Merlin Dragon (great name, by the way). I hope we have not heard the last of Mr. Dragon.


My Grade: B+


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