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Full Name: Jake Ord
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dan Latus
Time Span: 2008 - 2023


Jake Ord is an agent with British Intelligence.

I do not mention any particular branch or department because as far I could tell from reading the four recorded adventures, that information is not actually revealed. Hints point to it being MI6 but perhaps not. Events in the first escapade would almost certainly rule out MI5. Some other unnamed agency? Perhaps.

Whatever it is, though, Ord is retired from it.

That is a major point in all the affairs we follow him in (so far) and Ord would very much appreciate it if others would remember that he had paid his dues and was now totally out of that game and wanted to stay out and would people please not come around and start shooting at him? Retired, get it?

Just how long before that first 'caper' he said his goodbyes is not expressly stated but someone did refer to his time as a covert operative being in the "dim and distant" path. And when Ord finds himself temporarily on the run in a hilly forest evading men with guns, he chastises himself for having let himself go after all those years - to be fair to him, though, he does pretty darn well so his condemnations aside, he is still in reasonably good shape.

While we are not told exactly what age Ord is, I would put him in his early 50s with his having already lived through a good deal of danger and having survived by skill and determination and - he admits - luck. But he is not yet into the dotage era ready to give up with trouble arrives.

In that first adventure he is living on his own. The second one sees him having moved, for good reason, to the southern part of Portugal and living with the attractive, alluring, but very secretive Magda and from the moment we are introduced to her, she is every bit as important to the recounting as Ord.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2023

The listing of the four books below is both by copyright date and, IMHO, the proper order they should be read.

I make note of this rather common occurrence because the books are not published or advertised in this order, at least the copies I own. They instead are in #2, #1, #3, #4 order which has Jake Ord living with Magda and going through a major life changing event with her, then living elsewhere with her nowhere in sight, then picking up with Magda again almost immediately in the third.

I could be wrong but ... I recommend reading them in the order I mention.

1 Never Look Back Never Look Back
Written by Dan Latus
Copyright: 2008

"Jake Ord is a retired secret services agent seeking peace in the British countryside.
He seems to have finally escaped his turbulent past. That is until one evening a sniper tries to kill him…
Memories of his past life come flooding back and when another man from the village is found burned to death in his car that same night, Jake’s agent instinct kicks in. Was this a case of mistaken identity? Or were they both indeed targets?
Who on earth could be trying to assassinate him in sleepy Northumberland, and more importantly, why?"
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2 No Place to Hide No Place to Hide
Written by Dan Latus
Copyright: 2018

Jake Ord is a retired operative living in southern Portugal with his companion Magda. Life is simple and boring but also safe. Then the call comes telling him a major criminal he helped put away has escaped from prison and is killing those who put him away and searching for who stole £20m from him. Ord is on that list. And someone just tried to kill him.
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3 Last Resort Last Resort
Written by Dan Latus
Copyright: 2022

Jake Ord and Magda are recovering from the trouble in the previous adventure when Ord's old boss in British Intelligence asks him to babysit a Russian asset. Ord declines but the little matter of Magda's false passport and activities is mentioned so now Ord and Magda are picking up the asset in Montenegro and taking him temporarily to Portugal until he can be exfiltrated - all the while some very determined and capable people try to kill all three.
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4 The Road To Brdy The Road To Brdy
Written by Dan Latus
Copyright: 2023

"A British mole in a Czech intelligence service is being hunted by both her own department and a Russian hit squad, both desperate to shut her up as well as wanting vital information from her. Ex-spy Jake Ord and partner Magda are commissioned by Jake’s former boss to help her."
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I got to liking Jake Ord from the beginning. The man is done with spy work and putting his life on the line and having people take pot-shots at it. I can understand that (not empathize, mind you, because, uh, no shooting at me, please!). And yet! (Isn't there always a required 'and yet'?). When he is asked yet again to serve, he cannot say no.

I blame Magda for a lot of his getting into danger again. She seems to attract trouble. That sounds like a bad thing, I will grant you, but from a reader's viewpoint, it is a lot of fun. In case you were uncertain, I really liked Magda - a lot - but then again, I'm not the one next to her getting shot at!


My Grade: B+


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