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Full Name: Xanthe Schneider
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Boyle
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


Xanthe Schneider is an agent with British Intelligence.

The period of time for which she works for that organization is the Second World War. Her connection to it comes largely from her very impressive abilities with puzzles. In her case it started with crossword puzzles as a girl growing up in Ohio. She was a whiz at them. And she had acquired her skills with languages from her father and was reading Kant in the original German long before she graduated high school. Her intelligence and drive would take her to Cambridge in England almost two years before we meet her in 1939. And her time at Simonetta College would be the impetus that would find her, an American, invited to work at Bletchley Park once the War with Germany began.

A passage early in her recorded adventures says a lot about both her and those adventures. After recalling how her father used to put her to bed with a "Sleep tight. Don't let the mice bite" and her frequent asking about where were the mice, we read: "There were stages in her life when she lived in such fear of the mice, with their little toes. It was only in her early twenties, in war-torn Europe, that she found there were bigger fears, and more terrifying ones, and she finally stopped worrying about the mice. In fact, there have been times when the thought of the mice in Cincinnati were actually comforting."

Schneider is a woman who, even if she might say otherwise, enjoys adventure. She would never have followed her father's wishes and left Ohio to travel alone across the ocean to go to college there if she did not have an urge for something different. This is largely why even as she begins to work at Bletchley, she will be almost searching for more adventure than just sitting in an office.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Berlin Affair The Berlin Affair
Written by David Boyle
Copyright: 2018

It is Summer, 1940.
American Xanthe Schneider is tasked by British Intelligence to use her position as a reporter to learn if a former government minister she once knew is a traitor. What she discovers in the process is talk of a new project called Enigma.
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2 The Athens Assignment The Athens Assignment
Written by David Boyle
Copyright: 2018

It is 1941.
Newly a mother, Xanthe Schneider is kept very busy with the child and with her work at Bletchley Park but then British Intelligence convinces her to go on another mission; this one to use Enigma code to find where the huge new battleship Bismarck is located.
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3 The Swiss Appointment The Swiss Appointment
Written by David Boyle
Copyright: 2019

It is Autumn 1941.
Life at Bletchley Park along with her infant son is finally comfortable and enjoyable. But Xanthe Schneider is about to be asked by British Intelligence yet again to investigate rumors of a new encryption device. This will involve heading to Switzerland where a vital component is being manufactured. Slowing down that manufacturing could greatly aid the war effort.
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Is it petty of me to be enchanted by a character just because her name is 'Xanthe'? I love that name; though no idea why except it sounds exotic and mysterious.

Mind you, I would be fascinated by Ms. Schneider even if she didn't have that great first name. The woman is wickedly smart; reading Kant alone is impressive but to do so in the original German, wow!

Having an American getting involved in the Crisis in Europe long before the United States formally entered the trouble is an enjoyable aspect to this series and having Schneider not stop at Bletchley Park but actually head into the field keeps the story exciting.


My Grade: B+


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