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Full Name: Foxx Grim
Codename: 10-06
Nationality: American
Organization: BIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: F. H. Gramac
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Foxx Grim is an agent with the BIA.

That is the Ballistic Intelligence Agency. That is part of the American Intelligence community and has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. but other than that and the fact that it seems to have a very large and varied set of employees, we learn very little about it.

Grim, codenamed 10-06 (which in CB-talk means "I'm busy, hold on" - probably not related) has been with that organization for only just over a year when we meet him. Somehow for someone that young, he was made part of the overall protection detail of the U.S. President.

We are told that Grim had "worked five years to get" to the position he was in - some of that obviously would have been at the BIA training facility but most of that apparently was as a lieutenant in the US Army as we are told that he and his BIA partner at the time we meet him "had been on many tours in Afghanistan".

In addition to being superbly skilled in martial arts, Grim also speaks Chinese like a native and apparently other languages as well.

Grim is joined in his recorded adventures by two main individuals (not counting that partner mentioned above who unfortunately died early in the first one). They are:

Sophia Ferrari - a black-haired bronze skinned beauty from the Romanian Intelligence Department who for some unexplained reason is assigned to be Grim's new partner and who later is made an official BIA operative.

Dixie Doxx - a tech genius (codenamed Vidette), an expert in cybernetic security and someone who uses her computer skills to be very useful to Grim. She is also quite handy with a gun which is good because unlike most tech geeks, she does not stay in the van.

The three of them have as their main enemy the deadly and nefarious international criminal organization knowns as the Brotherhood of Specters.

Good Lines:
- Said by Foxx when he saw the assailants headed his way, "Ninjas. It's always ninjas."


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

According to the facts on Amazon concerning this short series of novellas, it is aimed at Grades 7-12.

1 Operation Ninja Operation Ninja
Written by F. H. Gramac
Copyright: 2022

"Gram-Tech has developed a new system of firearm technology, but the western countries aren’t the only ones who want to get their hands on the fresh batch of FG-180s.
Follow Foxx Grim, an agent of the Ballistic Intelligence Agency (code named: 10-06) as he goes undercover to Communist China to stop a dangerous operation by Cao Cheng, a notorious arms dealer. However Grim is not alone. Accompanying him are Sophia Ferrari, an agent from the Romanian Intelligence Department (code named: Magenta) and Dixie Doxx, the tech genius (code named: Vidette) as they track down the base of operations of the Brotherhood of Specters in Eastern Asia in an attempt to prevent a global conflict."
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2 Luxuriant Nights Luxuriant Nights
Written by F. H. Gramac
Copyright: 2023

"The terrorist organization known as Blackout is planning an attack on a luxurious hotel in Luxembourg known as the Hansen Hotel and it’s up to Agent Foxx Grim to stop it. However, there’s an inside man within the BIA who is launching an undertaking on the base located in Washington D.C.
Now Grim’s left with two choices: will he stop the bomb and save the guests at Hansen, or will he rescue his fellow agents in Washington?"
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Two good points for this very fast reading series: it is told in novella format so it does not waste time with much of anything extraneous, and it is definitely written for young readers.

One not-so-good point is that I fear even young readers would find the storyline hard to follow and the way the author jumps from one topic to another with no segue makes reading these tales very difficult.

I did like every scene that either Sophia or Dixie were in. Especially Dixie. Who wouldn't like a super good computer hacker who can also handle a gun.


My Grade: C


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