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Full Name: Matt Flynn
Nationality: British
Organization: HSA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Iain Cameron
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Matt Flynn is an agent with the HSA.

We are told in an introduction to the first recorded adventure that that organization, the Homeland Security Agency, was "established by the Home Office, the brainchild of minister Sir Raymond Deacon. Its unofficial motto is: 'Fight Fire with Fire', and it is staffed by agents operating under similar rules of engagement as the UK military. It was set up to combat the changing threat faced by UK security forces from terrorists, criminal gangs, ruthless organisations and individuals. Terrorists who no longer appear in the open, but integrated themselves into local communities; criminal gangs who use open borders and the web to traffic guns, drugs and people; and rich organisations and individuals who believe they are above the law. The headquarters of the agency is located at a secret address in London. There are other HSA offices at various centres around the UK."

When we meet him, Flynn is looking especially scruffy but this was on purpose as he was undercover working in a construction crew tearing down an old factory; his purpose being to become friendly with a group of Armenian workers who were smuggling heroin into the UK. Normally drugs was not the target of the HSA but this group used the proceeds of the sales to finance terrorist activities in Europe and that make it of interest to the HSA.

He is annoyed when he is pulled off for a new assignment but Flynn is too good to balk too much when given an order by Rosie Fox, his boss at the HSA and occasional partner in field work; that and doing deconstruction work is a far cry from the kind of action that he got from being an HSA operative. Flynn loves a challenge. Besides, he actually likes and respects Fox as both of them have plenty of experience and both live for their work.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Pulsar Files The Pulsar Files
Written by Iain Cameron
Copyright: 2018

Matt Flynn is put on the trail of a Serbian sniper who killed three members of a British family enjoying a hot-air balloon ride. A 4th family member, who had declined to go, is deeply involved in helping a internet hacking group, at least until he learns they are not to be trusted.
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2 Deadly Intent Deadly Intent
Written by Iain Cameron
Copyright: 2019

A radical Irish terrorist group wants to destroy the Good Friday Accord as well as spark a revolution in Northern Ireland. To help in this they have bought a large shipment of guns from Syrian rebels. Matt Flynn, working the fellow HSA operative Rosie Fox, must find the caches of arms and stop the planned attacks.
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3 No Time to Lose No Time to Lose
Written by Iain Cameron
Copyright: 2021

A senior MI5 officer has been kidnapped and it is feared it is because the man was in charge of security at an upcoming Middle East Conference being help in London. The suspected group is a Turkish terrorist cell. As Matt Flynn works to find and free the MI5 man, he begins to suspect there is another purpose behind the maneuvers.
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The author, Iain Cameron, had been hard at work over the previous few years crafting the impressive tales of mystery and detection of DI Angus Henderson before he took time off to create Matt Flynn. He gave us a Flynn tale one each for three years and that was good of him as Flynn is an interesting and enjoyable chap who does not like to be interrupted on a job unless it is for a more challenging one. The man loves to be challenged.

It has been a couple of years since the last one so perhaps Mr. Cameron has said enough about Mr. Flynn. I hope not.


My Grade: B+


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