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Full Name: Catherine 'Kat' Polinski
Nationality: American
Organization: FCA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Humphrey Hawksley
Time Span: 2007 - 2013


Catherine 'Kat' Polinski is an agent with the FCA.

That acronym breaks down to the Federal Containment Agency, a little known department embedded in Homeland Security, which is "tasked with investigating foreign diplomats based in the United States". That would sound like it follows said diplomats as they go about their business, keeping track of who they see and what they do, as the KGB was famous for doing in Moscow during the Cold War. The FCA likely does some of that but that is not where they use Polinski.

She has two very impressive talents, as far as the FCA is concerned. The first is she is very good at second-story work, as in breaking into places she should not be in, getting things there (or photographing them), and then getting out again, usually without leaving evidence of her intrusion. The second is her skills as a computer hacker which allows her to sometimes break in without being even on the premises or, if a up-close touch is called for, doing her techie intrusions quickly and quietly.

Polinski currently works for the FCA on five-year 'contract'. "Three years before, on the eve of her 21st birthday, Kat was arrested for illegal Internet hacking. But the government, spotting her talents, offered Kat a deal. For five years, she would work under Bill Cage [at the FCA]. If she stayed the course, she could leave with a clean record. If she backslid or failed to follow orders, she would go to prison."

Regarding those talents mentioned, her abilities at both of those were sharply honed as part of her initial training with the FCA and as such, she is a very valuable asset made even more deadly by the fact that she was also highly skilled in self-defense and in firearms. While she would strive to do her work undetected, should she be discovered, she makes sure that she has a chance to get away.

One other interesting tidbit about this 5'4" slender woman with the short blonde hair. "Every operation Kat does, she copies the stolen information to use as insurance, in case Cage or his superiors ever go against her."


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2007

1 Security Breach Security Breach
aka The History Book
Written by Humphrey Hawksley
Copyright: 2007

"One night, in the embassy of Kazakhstan, she finds a massacre and gunmen waiting to kill her. Soon, Kat is on the run unable to trust anyone. But the worst is to come: the murder of her sister and a plot that comes straight out of the dangers of the age in which we live."
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

1 Home Run Home Run
Written by Humphrey Hawksley
Copyright: 2013

"Trying to lead a more settled life, with the same good man in her bed every night, Kat’s weekend is interrupted by a call from her boss, Bill Cage who wants her to go to Asia. From deep inside North Korea, the world’s most secretive state, Cage has received an amazing offer. A deep cover agent can guarantee the end of regime and the destruction of all nuclear weapons, but on one condition. A nine-year-old boy must be taken safely to America. Kat is tasked with the mission."
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2 Friends And Enemies Friends And Enemies
Written by Humphrey Hawksley
Copyright: 2013

"Kat buys an apartment in Washington with her best friend, Dr Jennifer Fox, a trauma surgeon who, like Kat, travels to the world’s trouble spots. In Iraq, Jennifer is kidnapped. Kat and her boss, Bill Cage, are determined to use whatever methods necessary to bring her home safely. But the kidnappers are one step ahead and Kat is faced with the most devastating of choices."
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I inhaled these adventures. Not literally, of course, or I wouldn't be alive to say such a silly thing. Figuratively, however, I did and if there had been any more, I would gladly have consumed those as well.

I truly liked the daylights out of Kat Polinski and since I am a computer programmer by trade - not in her league, of course, but I know the jargon! - I really had fun watching her do her thing. Then when she had to make use of her fighting skills, well, I know nothing of that whatsoever but I have watched my share of kung-fu movies.

It has been a decade since these came out and I found out about them - my bad for the delay on that - so I doubt we will have anything new about her but at least we have these.


My Grade: A-


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