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Full Name: Gabrielle Lane
Series Name: Blackhawk
Codename: Agent Blackhawk
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: M. F. Kelleher
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Gabrielle Lane, Agent Blackhawk, is an agent with MI6.

She has been with the Firm for a decade. Getting accepted into the organization was, obviously, just the first step. The training would decide whether she would actually become an agent and from the beginning of that in an SAS training facility in Ireland, her chief instructor had "tried to break her; too pretty, he had said. What's a girl like you want to be here for? Give it up and go back to shopping". Hardly the most encouraging approach but it sealed her determination. "On the last day she had gone in to his office and delivered a sharp blow to his testicles. She wasn't going to be forgotten quickly".

Lane's work is not just intelligence gathering but also problem elimination (my word but I think she would agree). When directed, she has shown no qualms about taking out those deemed enemies to the state and she is very flexible when it comes to how. She had been extensively trained in hand-to-hand combat and "is comfortable with knives, guns and hands as her weapons. She favours operations where she is the killer, it is neater. Involving other people in an op always makes it difficult but she accepts that it happens. Working solo in operations over the last ten years has given her a lone wolf mentality; 'trust no one' is one of the truths of MI6. You never know who is reliable, or has been turned as a double agent, or has just lost it".

We are never given that much of a description of Lane. We learn that she has dark hair, is extremely athletic, and that she is quite thin. As mentioned above, she is very attractive which has helped her get close to a few valued targets from whom to extract intel or to dispatch or both. Her age is likely to be around 35. She is undoubtedly a native-quality speaker of German since she has been stationed in Berlin for several years and almost considers it home.

One interesting aspect to her personality comes from a fellow agent and one of the few she has let close to her. That man said of Lane comparing the city they were in to Lane herself, "Berlin looks sunny but slightly cold, not unlike your good self."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Spy Or Traitor Spy Or Traitor
aka The Spy House
Written by M. F. Kelleher
Copyright: 2021

Note: This is a revised version of the earlier released The Spy House.
There's a mole in MI6,
Field Agent Blackhawk is suspected of being the traitor and she has to go off-grid when she is framed by the real double agent. Her undercover life has given her a dangerous enemy who is out to kill her. She must contact the people she trusts and bring them together to clear her name and stay alive before her luck runs out.
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2 The Kill Order The Kill Order
Written by M. F. Kelleher
Copyright: 2022

"When an MI6 operation in Belarus goes wrong and a key asset is killed, Agent Blackhawk has to go under cover to break a crime and espionage ring in Eastern Europe. Then an expert in biological warfare disappears from a British safe house in Denmark and needs to be found before a Russian assassination team finds him. The attacks are coming from all sides - but will she and her team all survive?"
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3 Official Denial Official Denial
Written by M. F. Kelleher
Copyright: 2023

"When she is sent on an undercover operation to kill Europe’s largest arms dealer and find a British spy who has disappeared, she discovers that the two men are connected and are part of the criminal gang who are stealing western weapons.
She soon realises that her only option is to mount an audacious and risky attack on the gang’s hideout, but as the pressure increases, a leak from the British Embassy in Budapest puts her life in danger and sets enemy assassins on her tail."
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The comment about Gabrielle Lane preferring to be given missions where her key purpose is to kill someone - well, that pretty much sums up Lane quite well. Mind you, she is not a psychopath by any means. She just likes things simplified and when she is told to "go to Place A, find Person B, eliminate that target, and come home", well that is a pretty simple assignment. Of course, she has to figure out how to do it without getting caught or killed herself but she has been doing this for over a decade now so she knows more than a couple of tricks.

And we get to watch! 


My Grade: A-


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