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Full Name: Carson Fender
Series Name: The Codename Conspiracy
Nationality: American
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chris Rylander
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Carson Fender is an agent with Agency.

That is the most I can get for a name for this super-secret branch of the American intelligence community. Not even a definite article as in "The Agency". Just "Agency" as in "I'm here from Agency" or "Agency wanted you to know", that sort of thing.

You would expect that a government department like this would be headquartered in the nation's capital or, failing that, one of the metropolitan centers like New York City or Los Angeles. Or someplace terrific to live with great beaches and such like Miami Beach or San Diego or Honolulu. Nope. Its in North Dakota. The small town of Minnow, to be exact. And it is a small town because it seems everyone knows everyone else which is a good thing if you need help with something but not so good when you get into trouble like Fender does on a regular basis because then everyone knows about it almost before you do.

But back to this being where Agency is. As Fender puts it (well, the guy writing the blurb on the first adventure): "There are places in the world where heroes are born. There are places where brave men and women fight a never-ending battle against evil in order to keep our country and all other countries safe. There are places where the fate of our planet is being decided, even at this very moment, the consequences of which will echo through history. None of these places is in North Dakota."

Except Fender (or that guy) is wrong and Fender is about to not only find that out, he is going to be asked to help. Yep! Carson Fender, seventh grader and notorious prankster! Bored stiff because "he's lived in North Dakota for his entire life, going to the same boring school every day, the same boring movie theater every week, the same boring state fair every year. Nothing ever changes, and nothing ever happens. That is, until today." That Fender.

Agent Zero, to you, fella.

Oh, to help him stay on track, there is also his best friend, Danielle, who will become Agent Atlas. With her around, he might have a chance.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 Codename Zero Codename Zero
Written by Chris Rylander
Copyright: 2013

"A desperate man hands him a package with a dire set of instructions. And that package is going to lead Carson to discover that there's a secret government agency operating in his small, quiet North Dakota hometown. And that this agency needs his help."
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2 Countdown Zero Countdown Zero
Written by Chris Rylander
Copyright: 2014

Carson Fender's was back to normal since he was let go by the secret spy agency and he was happy about it, right? Then "a note showed up in his school lunch, informing him that Agent Nineteen had three days left to live, and that there might still be someone inside the Agency working against them. Carson has always been able to rely on his friends—but what happens when there's no one left to trust?"
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3 Crisis Zero Crisis Zero
Written by Chris Rylander
Copyright: 2015

"There is a computer program so unspeakably powerful that its mere existence is unknown to all but the most senior government agents. This computer program is capable of controlling every aspect of communication, transportation, and defense on the planet. This computer program must never fall into the wrong hands or civilization as we know it will be utterly destroyed. ... Carson Fender, aka Agent Zero, must protect this program, codenamed Exodus. He is paired again with his best friend, Danielle, aka Agent Atlas.
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Was I a Carson Fender back in my day? Of course not. However, at one time I was a seventh grader (oh, so many, many years ago) so we have that in common. And while he was in North Dakota, I was just a tad down in South Dakota. And the whole business of nothing to do, well, there really wasn't much, I'll grant you. We did have three theaters! That's two up on Fender. We did not have the state fair but we had the county fair and it was a pretty big county.

Okay, so what does that really have to do with Fender and his adventures - not a whit!

I grew more than a bit tired with his bored angst but once stuff started happening, especially with Agent Atlas got involved, this was cool, fun stuff.


My Grade: B


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