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Full Name: Abigail Marshall
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Addison Marsh
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


Abigail Marshall is an agent with British Intelligence.

The time period we follow her is at the end of the Second World War and just after. The organizations she will be involved with are MI9 during the conflict and MI6 when the War ends and her previous employment dissolved.

Born Abigail Linneman, she was studying linguistics at Cambridge before taking time off to work as a waitress in the kitchen of a pub just outside of RAF Witchford, serving the hundreds of young men involved in the War. Within a short time, though, her abilities with languages would become known to the Royal Corps of Signals and she would be quickly made part of the WAAF. Her skill with German came naturally to her from her now deceased German mother and several long visits to Germany before the war to stay with her Aunt.

Most of Marshall's early work for MI9 will be in the form of translating intercepted communications. Her field work will come when her newly wed husband, RAF rear gunner Sergeant James Marshall, is shot down over Germany during a bombing raid and he is taken prisoner, sent to the same Luft-Stalag from where a large number of British prisoners had just escaped - most of them recaptured or killed but still causing much turmoil for Germany (as recounted in The Great Escape).

It is when Marshall decides to make use of her language skills and familiarity with the region from her visits before the War and do her best to rescue her husband that she turns from a translator to a field operative. It will by that success, combined with that language skill and geographical knowledge, that will get her invited to work with MI6 after MI9 is disbanded.

Marshall is described as quite attractive (though not beautiful in her own eyes) with long auburn hair. She is in her mid-20s when we first meet her.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 Fish From The Sky Fish From The Sky
Written by Addison Marsh
Copyright: 2017

When Abigail Marshall's husband, rear gunner sergeant James Marshall, survives being shot down during a raid over Germany in 1944, he is put into a POW camp where interrogations begin. Abigail is determined to get him home and uses her MI6 skills and contacts to head into enemy territory to do just that.
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2 Brick In The Wall Brick In The Wall
Written by Addison Marsh
Copyright: 2018

In 1946, Abigail Marshall is sent to Berlin to hunt down a German war criminal and in the process learns of a stash of V2 rockets in what is Soviet controlled East Germany. Her mission then becomes finding a way to get those weapons to the West. Their location is the city of Demmin which is still reeling from the horrendous treatment to its female population by Russian soldiers at the end of the War.
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The blurb I read about the author said writing was his passion. I can definitely see it in the impressive quality he put into the two adventures we have of Abigail Marshall. I am surprised, considering the affection he undoubtedly has for the character, there were not any more about her after the second one a few years ago. I would have definitely read them because I enjoyed the tenacity and stick-to-it-ness that she shows in both recorded adventures.

Considering the state of Germany after the War and the shenanigans the Soviets were just getting into, the author could have kept Marshall busy for some time and she would have secretly loved it.


My Grade: B+


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