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Full Name: Matt 'Mace' Mason
Nationality: British
Organization: SAS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Billy Billingham
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Matt 'Mace' Mason is a soldier in the British SAS.

He is not a spy; he is a warrior and a very, very good one. He just seems to be called upon to do some very covert special operations in places where the Army was normally not expected or allowed to be or in situations where it required a person trained in infil-action-exfil tactics. Mason was such a person.

He is 34 years old when we first meet him and for the past 18 years of his life, since he was 16 and knew he was done with school and needed a way to avoid the path to prison he looked to be on in Northern Ireland. "He'd beaten a grown man half to death when he was nine years old, which wasn't the last time he'd been in trouble either."

Mason has just requested an extension to his tour of duty in the Middle East. It was not because he particularly loved the hot and uncomfortable temperatures or the constant "hurry up and wait" lifestyle all military men get used to enduring - long days of absolutely nothing to do followed by longer hours of exhaustion trying to stay alive by stopping others from doing the same. No, Mason was not wanting to go home to his wife, Kerry, and the children; his offspring that he loved but where he did not feel comfortable.

Mason will find when life hands him - hurls, really - a particularly sour lemon such that even when his days with the Regiment are brought to an end far sooner than he would have expected and certainly never wanted, the need to do the same sort of clandestine work to protect himself and his loved ones does not go away.

Luckily for him and not so favorably for those who cause him trouble, Mason never forgets what it takes to not only survive but to win.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Call To Kill Call To Kill
Written by Billy Billingham
Copyright: 2021

"Matt 'Mace' Mason is deployed on a deniable SAS mission in war-torn Yemen when he becomes embroiled in a hostage rescue that goes terribly wrong. Pulling at the strings of the local political scene is not only the warlord destined to become Mace's nemesis, Gen. Ruak Shahlai, but hard-bitten American arms dealer Erica Atkins, who controls a whole international network to her advantage.
Mace has to work, unwillingly at first, with female CIA agent and Islamic scholar Redford. Together they must prevent an attack that would spark a regional war and create the largest environmental disaster the world has ever seen."
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2 Survive to Fight Survive to Fight
Written by Billy Billingham
Copyright: 2022

"Matt "Mace" Mason is attempting to put the army behind him, building a life for himself training anti-poaching forces on a Kenyan game reserve. He's looking forward to meeting up with his eldest child, Jo, who's graduated naval college and taken a summer job working on a billionaire's yacht in the Red Sea.
But then he receives a call informing him that Jo's boat is missing, likely abducted by Somali pirates. Mason must call in favors from old contacts as he follows Jo's trail. She isn't the target of the abduction, so she won't be worth keeping by the pirates for long. But she is still Matt Mason's daughter, and she knows she needs to survive to fight . . ."
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Having a very happy and contented homelife, I personally cannot relate to Mace Mason's domestic angst but I have known workmates who either head to a watering hole when quitting time comes or just keep working, all to avoid going home to ... whatever. In the case of Mason, though, wow! The man will take all sorts of highly dangerous missions just to not have to deal with his issues. Talk about an issue!

But psychoanalyzing over with, if those matters keep him out in the field and keep giving us exciting adventures, well, too bad for him and great news for us!


My Grade: B+


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