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Full Name: Electra McDonnell
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ashley Weaver
Time Span: 2021 - 2024


Electra 'Ellie' McDonnell is a thief for British Intelligence.

She is not a spy, although what she does is the sort of things clandestine operatives are usually trained to do. She is skilled in opening locks - her Uncle Mick who raised her and is also a life-long thief even owns a legitimate locksmith shop where she officially works - and she can pilfer just about any trinket or bauble you desire and use her innocent looks to charm you while doing so. Working in the alleyways and in the shadows is second nature to her as is sitting patiently a long time somewhere out of view scoping the situation to know when it is safe to make a move. She would be very good spy.

That is what Major Ramsey of British Intelligence thought as well. He is the man who needed someone of her special abilities and inclinations and dropped just the right amount of hints about a wonderful little safe containing pricey little pieces of jewelry and enticed Uncle Mick to make a move. And had his strongarm boys ready to swoop in when the two came out of the building. This was especially galling to McDonnell because she KNEW there was nothing not right and warned her uncle about it but was overruled and suddenly both were in custody and a stint in prison was certain.

And McDonnell had had enough of prison. She might never have been incarcerated but she had been born in one to a now deceased mother. Mom was behind bars for reasons other than theft, though. Dad had been found stabbed in the heart with a butcher knife in December of 1915 and Mom was arrested and convicted of the crime and sentenced to hang. Her pleas of innocence were not believed but because they found she was a couple months pregnant, she was granted a stay. Then Electra was born and sent to live with Uncle Mick, Mom dying of the Spanish Flu soon after.

So thank you very much but no prison for Miss McDonnell in these scary days of 1940 when all curtains at night are drawn tight to darken the City from German bombers. Still Major Ramsey needs a good thief to open a safe and get some blueprints and that means he sets up Uncle Mick and Electra so that one of them can pull off the heist without being caught. His preference was the 24-year-old young woman.

And though she is not an agent, she finds the chance to do something for the war effort besides knit socks a terrifically exciting idea, not that she would let that handsome but annoying Ramsey know.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2024

1 A Peculiar Combination A Peculiar Combination
Written by Ashley Weaver
Copyright: 2021

Electra McDonnell and her Uncle Mick are nabbed red-handed robbing a safe full of jewels. The man catching them, Major Ramsey, offers her a deal: either she helps him break into a safe and retrieve blueprints vital to the British war effort or she is turned over to the police. Reluctantly she agrees but when she pulls the job, the safe is dead and a German spy is dead on the floor. A double agent is at work and she and Ramsey have to find out who.
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2 The Key to Deceit The Key to Deceit
Written by Ashley Weaver
Copyright: 2022

It is 1940. Electra McDonnell admits she misses the excitement of breaking into places she is not allowed but she is out of the business now. At least up to when Major Ramsey comes calling with another mission. A woman was found floating in the Thames. Evidence shows she was involved in spying but for which side? Who killed her? That is what McDonnell is asked to help find out.
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3 Playing It Safe Playing It Safe
Written by Ashley Weaver
Copyright: 2023

Major Ramsey once more shows up to entice Electra McDonnell into help British Intelligence. This assignment is to head to Sunderland and wait for instructions. She is there on time. So is a man falling dead in front of her, and she knows whoever he is, he is connected with whatever she is to do. How and why? That's kind of a different matter.
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4 Locked In Pursuit Locked In Pursuit
Written by Ashley Weaver
Copyright: 2024

"Safecracker Ellie McDonnell hasn't seen Major Ramsey—her handsome but aloof handler in the British government—since their tumultuous mission together three months before, but when she hears about a suspicious robbery in London she feels compelled to contact him. Together they discover that a rash of burglaries leads back to a hotbed of spies in the neutral city Lisbon, Portugal, and an unknown object brought to London by a mysterious courier."
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I am always - and I do mean always - a sucker for a thief working for a spy organization storyline. Blame Alexander Mundy from It Takes A Thief back when I was a teenager and wanted so much to be as cool and suave as Robert Wagner made him look. Now, my basically honest nature kept me from following my fascination for that line of work and the idea of stealing from good people is abhorant. But stealing from bad guys, especially for a good cause? Oh yeah!

Which is why I got to love Electra (Ellie) McDonnell. What's not to love? She is pretty, athletic, intelligent, spunky, and she steals for the government!

And the writing is so easy to read and flows so well and swiftly and draws you in beautifully. Plus the characters the author gives us to fill McDonnell's world are almost as interesting as she is. I have enjoyed the three adventures out as of this writing and would not mind more excursions with her.


My Grade: B+


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