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Full Name: Olga Romanov
Series Name: The Leopard Series
Codename: The Leopard
Nationality: Russian
Organization: Wildfire
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: Darryl James
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Olga Romanov is an independent spymaster.

As a person matures in life, it is not uncommon to look back at the various 'hats' the person has worn throughout the years. In the case of Romanov, hers are especially interesting, if not a good deal harrowing. The one I have placed on her, that of 'spymaster', is the one she wears through most of the recorded adventures we have of her but the other ones decidedly helped mold her into that shape.

We first meet her in 1979 when she, 25 years old at the time, is living and working in Sverdlovsk (now known as Yekaterinburg) in the USSR. She is married to Vladimir and mother to young Fania and Little Vlady. She is also a research scientist, holding a Ph.D. in microbiology, at Military Compound #19 at the government facility in that city, working alongside several others analyzing the deadly anthrax bacterium. It is in that facility that a fire and human error would cause horrible damage and release the deadly pathogen into the air. Her children at a nearby daycare would not survive and her husband would take his own line a few weeks late.

Moving ahead a half decade, we find Romanov a 'patient' at a mental hospital, forced there for her own protection as she suffered, according to the official KGB documents, from PTSD and schizophrenia - in truth she was being held because she knew the truth about the incident and refused to back the lie of a meat contamination. There she repeatedly endured horrible treatment, include multiple rapes by a night security guard, and near constant drug injections to keep her sedated and calm. It would have continued until her death except for the intervention of an ex-KGB colonel who ran a special organization called Wildfire. He offered her a new life.

Wildfire is described as "a private intelligence organization that gathers intelligence for sale to third parties. It specializes in biological weapons, which can be the Third World's weapons of mass destruction".

Romanov would undergo intense and often very painful instruction in a wide variety of topics, learning to be the perfect field operative capable of protecting herself at all times while also accomplishing whatever mission she was given. In a very short time once she became operational, she earned the nickname of 'the Leopard' and as such she became known to numerous intelligence agencies around the world as a very deadly and successful assassin. Romanov had earned yet another 'hat'.

She would transition to yet another one when in time she replaced Wildfire's founder (that in itself is a fascinating episode in her life) and under her control, "the organization metamorphosed into a more benign intelligence gathering body. No longer involved in terrorist activities, they took on only carefully vetted assignments, projects Olga herself deemed justified. Olga, a very secretive person, code-named 'the Leopard', lived in the clandestine intelligence world's shadows using multiple aliases. All contact with her and her associates came through encrypted email and text messages. Government entities and secret underground societies feared her, yet few had laid eyes on her. She was a "ghost".

And that would not be the last 'hat' she would don.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Prey Of The Leopard Prey Of The Leopard
Written by Darryl James
Copyright: 2021

Escaping from an asylum where the KGB imprisoned her, Olga Romanov is recruited into a secret organization called Wildfire, and trained to be a feared assassin known as 'the Leopard'. When she works with Hamas to attack Israel with anthrax, the CIA gets involved to stop the plan.
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2 The Leopard's Wrath The Leopard's Wrath
Written by Darryl James
Copyright: 2021

Dr. Olga Romanov has turned Wildfire into "a savvy, secretive organization with excellent humint intelligence source". The US President calls upon her to sit in on a intelligence committee regarding terrorism. Along with Charles Johnson, president of a DC "intelligence-gathering think-tank", they must find a way to stop a Hamas terrorist from using drones to attack sporting events in America.
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3 Double-Tap Double-Tap
Written by Darryl James
Copyright: 2022

"Charles Johnson's think tank, The Defense Foundation, was asked by POTUS to head her anti-terrorism committee. ISIL used Korean operatives to assassinate Tran Le Trang, the Vice President of Security for The Defense Foundation, with a car bomb outside a Greenwich Village restaurant in New York. He survived, but they killed his wife.
Dr. Olga Romanov (the Leopard) 's intelligence organization, Wildfire, joined the President's anti-terrorism committee. Their humint asset Carlos Montoya led them to a Belgium safe house where ISIL designed the riverboat attack on the Danube River that killed hundreds of people, including POTUS's Chief of Staff, his daughter, and grandchildren. POTUS gave Charles Johnson and Dr.Romanov a sanction to kill those responsible for this heinous attack."
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4 The River Of Greed The River Of Greed
Written by Darryl James
Copyright: 2022

"The Sinaloa and Rojas Cartels frustrate authorities along Texas and the New Mexico southern border with Fentanyl drug smuggling and human trafficking. The U.S. President contracts Charles Johnson’s private intelligence organization, the Defense Foundation, and Dr. Olga Romanov’s Wildfire Agency to assist intelligence gathering on the Cartels. The assignment turned personal when the Cartels attempted to assassinate Dr. Romanov and Defense Foundation VP Tran Le Trang at Charles Johnson’s ranch in New Mexico."
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5 Political Treachery Political Treachery
Written by Darryl James
Copyright: 2023

"A jealous congressman from the Intelligence committee teams up with a sociopath billionaire to assassinate outspoken freshman Congresswoman Martha Rosen. They use a riot instigated by an ANTIFA faction and a neo-NAZI group with sophisticated bombs to attempt the assassinate the congresswoman. Innocent men, women, and children were killed in the attempts. [At the direction of Olga Romanov] the Wildfire female operatives, Jennifer James and Guorun Jonsson, investigate and track down those responsible and take their revenge."
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I'm always impressed and pleased when an author lets his/her character mature over time and there is a considerable amount of that in this very well written, sometimes gritty series about a woman who has had some pretty nasty things forced on her and who has lived to not only tell about it but also learn and eventually gain from it all.

I also appreciate strong women who know what they want and how to get it and who do not let men and their peccadillos derail Plan A. Life may throw a ton at Olga Romanov and she is forced to deal with it but she stays her own person.


My Grade: B+


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