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Full Name: Emily Stearn
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Frank Malley
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Emily Stearn is an agent with British Intelligence.

She will be. After a bit and after learning her uncle had been one. And after she had quit her boring, tedious job working the phones at an insurance call center - who knew a fifty-something supervisor would understand text speak, especially swearing-without-the-words. She was fed up with the work and him and that was that. Then a few blocks away she spots her live-in boyfriend exchanging tongues with a gorgeous woman and Stearn knew that relationship was also over. Dropping by her parents' home, she learns the day could in fact get worse as she is told her beloved Uncle Sebastian was deceased. As she puts it, "What a b***h of a morning".

Stearn would likely have just gone on to find another job, probably just as mind numbing as the previous one. That sort of was her nature, being very conservative in her approach to other people, unassuming and reticent to speak up. This is odd because she knew, as did those few close to her, that she was a genius. She was incredibly good with mathematics and she had a very impressive orderly mind. She never lacked for confidence in her abilities. She just was not pushy.

But that would change because her mother needed someone as organized and methodical as Stearn to help wih Uncle Sebastian's estate. The man had thousands of books as well as tons of records and CDs, not to mention a mountain, it seemed, of papers of this and that. And Stearn had to dive into all that to learn what should be saved or donated or sold or just tossed away.

And it will be while doing this mountain of work that she will find the evidence that Sebastian had years ago been a spy the British government. And she will find what seems to be proof that the Russians had finally learned of his activities and since part of that had resulted in the death of someone important to them, they might well have come for revenge. Uncle Sebastian had possibly - no, probably - been murdered.

Stearn might be shy but she is also curious and her curiosity - or tenacity - will change her life as the Russians will learn of her investigations and so will British Intelligence and in a very short time, unassuming unemployed Emily Stearn will be on a whole new career path.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

1 The 13th Assassin The 13th Assassin
Written by Frank Malley
Copyright: 2022

Emily Stearn is certain someone murdered her Uncle Sebastian, a former British agent. Finding an encrypted journal and getting the code broken by a friend, she goes on a hunt for proof and comes across evidence that the Russians killed him in revenge for a botched assassination 40 years before.
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2 The Hit List The Hit List
Written by Frank Malley
Copyright: 2023

Emily Stearn, recently new to British Intelligence, is a trainee assigned to "watch, listen, analyze". When she see a colleague killed during  routine surveillance mission, she does not believe the consensus that it was a Russian male assassin named Reblov. She is certain the killer was a woman but to prove it means putting her life in grave danger.
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3 The Killing Circle The Killing Circle
Written by Frank Malley
Copyright: 2023

The murder of Sir Robert Bellingham, high-up in the Royal Navy, results in Emily Stearn told to infiltrate the Ivan Group, a team of female mercenaries based in London, who are out to get vital defense intelligence. Their leader, a Russian oligarch, already has a document outlining what the UK would do in the event of a nuclear attack but it is encoded. When Stearn's identity is uncovered, she is given 48 hours to steal the code key or her fiancé is dead.
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3.5 Codebreaker Codebreaker
Written by Frank Malley
Copyright: 2023

An omnibus of the three previously released adventures.
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Oh, boy, oh boy! Did I like Emily Stearn from the very beginning. She is a lot of fun in a low-keyed sort of way. It is her tenacity that endeared her to me; when told she shouldn't look into something, she sort of nods and looks compliant - and then goes and does what she was going to do all along. And all the time she is getting into trouble as a result, she never backs down because deep down she knows she is right.

I am hoping since the third book just came out that the author will continue this series because I can see lots of future for Stearn. Certainly she had a bit fan in this guy.


My Grade: A-


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