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Full Name: Puggy
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - A Dog

Creator: Amma Lee
Time Span: 2015 - 2015


Puggy is a dog.

I need to make sure you understand that is no judgment call, it is a statement of fact. He is a dog, of the breed called the 'Pug' (big surprise there, I'm sure). He was named by his master, Bill, a young boy who is very fond of Puggy but is not exactly original when it comes to thinking of dog names.

Bill and his parents live in a typical suburban neighborhood so obviously Puggy does to. He has the benefit of a doggy door to the backyard, which is fenced for protection. Luckily Puggy has long ago made his own hole beneath the fence which has either gone unnoticed or is relatively new. Whichever it is, it gives Puggy an opportunity to go on walk-about whenever he wants and apparently he wants it a lot.

This explains how Puggy became involved with the aliens - those creatures which, Puggy would come to learn, came to this planet for some not very nice reasons and took human forms which we are old is "difficult to get away with".

Now normally this would likely be the end of it. Puggy may have found out by snooping and being in the right place at that right time to overhear one of the aliens talk to one of the several neighborhood pets that he had so far kidnapped and was experimenting with in his garage lab - but what could Puggy do about it? He was a dog, and a little one at that - though Pugs are notoriously persistent.

But in investigating by sneaking into the garage, he pushed a bunch of buttons on the computers in the lab and an odd cylinder marked "modification" fell near him. Puggy snatched it and beat a hasty retreat. I'll leave to you to learn how the object got switched on and somehow "molded all over his body and then absorbed into his skin". 

After that, well strange things started happening, beginning with little pole rising from his head which shot laser beams and somehow Puggy is able to fly and, well lots of other stuff and suddenly the aliens here for really bad things had someone out stop them because Puggy, already a pretty smart dog for - well, a dog - was all of a sudden a whole lot smarter.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 A Suspicious Neighbor A Suspicious Neighbor
Written by Amma Lee
Copyright: 2015

"One day as the loveable dog Puggy was spending time with his owner Bill, Puggy noticed something strange happening at the house next door to them. Puggy watched his new neighbor in suspicion as the man carried a large struggling black plastic bag. Being the curious dog that he was, he snuck out of his house and peered into the neighbor’s window that night once Bill was sleeping. What Puggy saw shocked him! In that house cages littered the ground and computers were set up everywhere! He saw animals locked up in cages and knew that these animals were the animals that were reported kidnapped."
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2 Cat's Revenge Cat's Revenge
Written by Amma Lee
Copyright: 2015

This adventure "begins when Bill comes home one day more excited than what he normally is. The reason for this is because Bill won a cat in a raffle! Unnerved by this, Puggy couldn’t do anything but become jealous of the fact that the cat would probably earn more of Bill’s attention. When the cat finally does arrive, Puggy is alarmed to see that the cat was the same cat from the alien’s house that he had beaten months before. The aliens were back and they were using the cat, who they call Killer, to complete their goals."
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3 The Aliens Invasion The Aliens Invasion
Written by Amma Lee
Copyright: 2015

"The aliens [are back and not] not easy to find this time because they had left the blue house and disguised themselves as humans. To make matters worse, they had figured out how to control the animals completely! Puggy and Mannie knew that they wouldn’t stand a chance against the animals so they needed a plan that involved not fighting the animals, but having the animals fight for them."
When Puggy seems to get sick and cannot help, it is up to Mannie to save the day!
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This three-book series was designed for kids 9-12 years old. Remembering my reading addiction even back then, I would have loved it at age 9, or earlier. By 12 I would have been reading The Black Stallion books and this would have been way back in my mirror.

I imagine the whole 'Spy Dogs' comes from Puggy being equipped with really cool gadgets out to stop really bad guys (and gals) from being, well, bad. And doing so in a covert way because his master would prefer he stay home and not get into trouble. No chance of the latter with Puggy, though. The little fella was made for adventure - as long as he is home in time for his meals.


My Grade: C+


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