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Full Name: Gerry Tate
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jeffrey Fleming
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Geraldine 'Gerry' Tate is an agent with MI6.

We first encounter her when she is waking up from an incident that left her briefly unconscious in a crashed plane in the ocean, both pilots of the craft dead from being shot by her before the plane hit the water and started to sink. Most of her activities that we can follow subsequent to that are not quite as harrowing but some do get fairly close.

In a flashback just over a decade before in 2003, we watch Tate in another interesting situation where she was in Kuwait went by MI6 to vet a British diplomat suspected of selling secrets to Russia; she finds proof it was the man's girlfriend who was really an undercover FSB operative but that discovery launches more gunplay and both girlfriend and diplomat end up dead. Tate was having a bad day (though they were having a worse one).

The two incidents might leave a person with the feeling that Tate is particularly gun-happy or disaster-prone but in truth the woman is darned good at her job but she does tend to respond to violence against her with equal and opposite force - though maybe not so equal since in both of those cases the opponents died and she did not.

It is important, however, to note that part of her job with MI6 was in fact to, on occasion and when directed, terminate with extreme prejudice as the Cousins would say and she was not squeamish about carrying out those orders. But when a mission goes wrong and she is made the scapegoat and finds herself under arrest for murder, she is not hesitant to voice her displeasure. That will not change anything, though, and shortly after we meet her, she will be convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Most of the subsequent activity we follow Tate in comes after MI6 approaches her some time later with an offer to get her released from prison with a cleaned record and a chance for a new life - if she will do just one more thing for them.

Understandably, she agrees. Even more understandably, she does so with a very long memory and a lot of resentment.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Gilgamesh Conspiracy The Gilgamesh Conspiracy
Written by Jeffrey Fleming
Copyright: 2019

"A sensitive political deal codenamed Gilgamesh, goes wrong at the beginning of the Iraq war. One by one the people who know about it are eliminated, except for two: Ali Hamsin, an Iraqi government translator who is kept hidden in Guantanamo Bay and Gerry Tate, a British intelligence agent. She is in prison for murder. Years later Ali Hamsin says he will reveal his secrets, but only to Gerry Tate. Their captors decide to bring the two together and keep them both alive for a short while longer, but Gerry Tate is a dangerous woman to set free."
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2 The Borsova Liberation The Borsova Liberation
aka Anya Borsova
Written by Jeffrey Fleming
Copyright: 2020

"An intelligence report is being flown by private jet to the USA, but when the aircraft takes off from a remote Scottish airport, a missile brings it down. Anya Borsova is jailed for the criminal act, but a few years later a senior Russian officer wants to bargain for her freedom. Gerry Tate pursues the Russian to find out why, and what he has to offer for her release, but meanwhile elements of the British SIS, the Russian SVR and the American CIA seem determined to stop the exchange at any cost."
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Author Jeffrey Fleming has not written but three books that I could find, the two herein and one science fiction adventure that looks interesting. I have not read that last but I did enjoy the two about Gerry Tate. Since it has not been but several years, there is hope he will craft another.

Not that I am all that much of a fan of a woman who is no stranger to eliminating her opponents - alright, anyone familiar with this site knows that is a big fib 'cause I have a soft spot for hard women. And Tate is very hard when she has to be. Just ask those who went after her - oh, wait, you can't. They be dead.


My Grade: A-


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