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Full Name: Sam Callahan
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Other - Lawyer

Creator: Chad Zunker
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


Sam Callahan is a lawyer.

Our introduction to him takes place when he is 25 years old and "a few months away from grinding out a degree from Georgetown Law". He will make it to his desired profession as the adventures continue but in that first meeting, he has been skipping classes for the previous three weeks to earn some quick cash for rent and books as well as his mother's escalating medical bills. His temporary line of work was unusual, at least to me.

For a time, Callahan could have had, should he chosen to, a business card made saying "Samuel W. Callahan, Political Tracker"; not that he had ever seen such a job posting. "There were others like me hiding in the crowds of every political contest going on around the country right now. Eager young law students or government majors looking to make a name for themselves in their own political party, jockeying for position, already climbing the powerful and influential DC political ladder".

That will not be a long-term gig, as we know from his soon becoming the attorney he had been working for, but it will give him much needed experience he will find useful later on. It also gave him more opportunities to use what he describes as "a special gift. Something that even I couldn't fully understand. My mind seemed to work differently than others. I could oftentimes see things before they happened. Like an anticipation reflex. My mind allowed me to view events differently, almost in slow motion, especially in really stressful situations. I had the odd ability to look around corners-not like a freaky superhero or anything-but like I'd memorized Google Maps. I could visualize a full escape route within seconds. I'm not really sure why. I'd never been to a doctor about it. Never had a CAT scan done on my brain. I figured that maybe my mom had been on a serious acid trip when she was pregnant with me and some wires got crossed".

"This unique ability really used to freak out my street gang as a teenager. It also made me the best thief in the bunch. When I was eleven, it meant easily stealing wallets in crowded bus terminals. Or purses from oblivious women in grocery stores. In and out within seconds. Never even close to being caught. Not even with security cameras. By the time I was fourteen and living on the streets full-time, it meant jacking expensive cars from gas stations in affluent Denver neighborhoods when unsuspecting victims thought they had two minutes to rush inside with the car running and grab a Snickers and a Diet Coke. You had to have a certain temperament and skill set to ease behind the steering wheel of a Mercedes sedan, unnoticed from only twenty feet away, and calmly drive out of a parking lot."

He had put that life behind him, cleaned up his act, gotten his GED and showed himself and other just how smart he really was. He was finally having a chance to make a solid life for himself and maybe helping his mother and most of all, stay out of trouble.

Except that life will not play nice with him and when he finds himself occasionally involved in matters he really would rather have not been, he will notice that somehow the CIA will be involved - very involved.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Tracker The Tracker
Written by Chad Zunker
Copyright: 2017

Sam Callahan is "moonlighting as a political tracker, paid to hide in crowds and shadow candidates, recording their missteps for use by their opponents. One night, after an anonymous text tip, Sam witnesses a congressional candidate and a mysterious blonde in a motel indiscretion that ends in murder, recording it all on his phone. Now Sam is a target. Set up to take the fall and pursued by both assassins and the FBI, he is forced to go on the run."
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2 Shadow Shepherd Shadow Shepherd
Written by Chad Zunker
Copyright: 2017

"Now a lawyer, Sam Callahan hopes for a risk-free future, but harm’s way has a much longer reach than he could ever expect. His very first legal client is gunned down in a Mexico City hotel, and Sam barely dodges a bullet himself. Suddenly on everyone’s most-wanted list—brutal hit men, hostile cops, relentless FBI agents, and even an infamous assassin—he doesn’t have the luxury of finding out why. When Sam’s girlfriend is dragged into the fray by a kidnapper, Sam would do anything to save her life. The catch? He’s got only twenty-four hours to do it…but any number of ways to die."
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3 Hunt the Lion Hunt the Lion
Written by Chad Zunker
Copyright: 2018

"Once a key player in a clandestine CIA squad, Sam Callahan thought he had finally found a safe, normal life as a rookie lawyer in DC with the woman he loves.
But when called to a covert intelligence mission in the heart of Russia, he can’t refuse risking it all once more. This time, he’d be joining his estranged father, the Lion, a deep-cover agent Sam never even knew existed.
When the operation goes wrong and his team is ambushed, Sam fears a setup. At least he escaped with his life. And so did his father. But why? With a target on his back, he must hunt down the truth behind the betrayal in Moscow—and find the Lion again."
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By the time I learned of Sam Callahan's existence, the excellent author, Chad Zunker, had moved on to another series about a different lawyer which was also pretty darn good, too. And then he crafted several solo adventures which look interesting as well. So, I figure there will not be any more Callahan tales which is a shame because I was hooked on the character and his fascinating talents.

Mr. Zunker can definitely keep an adventure exciting and interesting. When I finished the first one, I immediately started in on the second because they are that good. Trust me, whether you read the Callahan stories or some of his other works, read him!


My Grade: A-


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