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Full Name: Rhys Adler
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alex Carlson
Time Span: 2017 - 2017


Rhys Adler is an agent with the CIA.

He was, at least, up to a year before the activites we follow in his first recorded adventure. After that he is pretty much on his own except the new Station Chief in Berlin, a city that American born and raised Adler had grown to love, will not hesitate to hunt him down 

and when a problem or two arises, will not delay a moment in asking for his assistance.

Adler's separation from the Agency came because of an unfortunate incident months before which resulted in the death of Karen Astana, a very close friend of Adler and the previous Station Head in that German capital. "Rhys didn't like how it had been handled and he developed doubts about what he was doing and for whom he worked. He left the Agency but couldn't pull himself to leave the city."

Adler has one other major love in his life and that is his motorcycle. In this case it is with an older R75/5 from BMW, old because that company had stopped making them long ago. It is a new tick that bike had just developed that both worried him and excited him, the latter because it "was an opportunity to lose himself in the complexity of automotive engineering" and thus "give his activity meaning, at least for another day".

It is the fact that as finding a minor glitch in his bike's motor was the most interesting thing he had to do and because deep down he did miss the excitement and the rush of his previous employment that Adler will listen to the new Chief, a no-nonsense woman with the severe sounding name of Lucinda A Stirewalt, and agree to come back to work, though this time as a NOC (Non-Official Cover).

Adler hails originally from New Hampshire which was considered by a Southern colleague to be as far North as one could get, at least until Adler was seen looking up the result of the recently run Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte, which the same workmate make 'Rhys' "the northernmost souther boy who ever lived". In keeping with his New English heritage, though, Adler was known to be "notoriously introverted, standoffish, even mulish". When it came to his work, though, he was definitely all business.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Born To Die In Berlin Born To Die In Berlin
Written by Alex Carlson
Copyright: 2017

After he had quit the Agency a year before after the death of his Berlin station chief, Rhys Adler is lured back into action by the new boss there with the promise of stopping an upcoming terrorist attack and a chance of bringing his friend's killers to justice.
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2 Hunting Season Hunting Season
Written by Alex Carlson
Copyright: 2017

As a thank-you for his help in the previous adventure, the Berlin station chief offers a sweet deal: ride his motorcycle to a location in the Alps to train a new guy in perimeter security and then go off on a pleasant jaunt through the mountains at the Agency's expense. Nobody knew about the Spetnaz team in the same area determined to kill a man and the chance that Rhys Adler would be in the wrong place at the very wrong time.
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I enjoyed the first adventure quite a bit but the second really grabbed me and held me. The idea of a vacation for a job well done is not new to fiction but usually the giver has an ulterior motive that comes as a surprise to the recipient. Not here, not really. But boy, is there a surprise.

Regrettably there are no more than these two tales and after that second one, I was ready for the old 'okay, that happens next?' Apparently, the answer is nothing at all or it is none of my business. Or it's classified and I don't have a need to know. Yeah, I'll go with that one.


My Grade: B+


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