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Full Name: Jay Sullivan
Nationality: British
Organization: The Falcons
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ed Grace
Time Span: 2020 - 2022


Jay Sullivan is an agent with the Falcons.

That unusually named organization is part of the British government, a very secret part that answered to just the upper echelon with the sole purpose of eliminating problems. Not all solutions involved the sort of work that Sullivan was especially good at, however, though most seemed to.

Sullivan was, to be more specific, a trained assassin, a man who has the ability to kill quietly or in a spectacular manner depending on the orders with a myriad of instruments or make it look like an accident or suicide, again whatever his instructions are. He was very qualified with firearms though he almost never carried one. "He didn't consider them useful. He believed a true fighter should be able to use his environment, to manipulate resources to his will. Why would you need a gun when you can cup a man's eyeball out with a teaspoon?" Sullivan, the iced-blooded killer, is not a very nice man.

But is also the single father of Talia, a lovely 12-years old girl, the one thing on this planet that he loves and the one thing for which he would, if necessary, die for although if given a chance, he would rather kill for.

At least that is the situation when we first meet him but that will change in a horrible way shortly after our introduction. That is when Sullivan successfully completes an assignment and a Russian senator finds his life ending abruptly. Unfortunately he had been given the wrong name and now his handlers are in a bind. To cover their behinds, they elect to blame Sullivan for a mistake he did not make and sent another assassin to seal the frame by eliminating the framed. When that does not go off as hoped, Sullivan sees his Talia being carried away.

The adventures we have of Sullivan will then be his dealing with his grief and his frustration at constant failings to locate his daughter, invariably followed by mind-numbing alcoholic binges. And on occasions, the need will come for someone with his unique skillset, whether it is to protect innocents or to punish malefactors or both - assuming that Sullivan can find a way to sober up enough to get the job done.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2022

1 Assassin Down Assassin Down
Written by Ed Grace
Copyright: 2020

Jay Sullivan followed his orders and killed the Russian senator, making it look like suicide. Unfortunately his order had named the wrong senator and now his employers are scrambling for a scapegoat for their mistake; the chosen patsy was the man to obeyed the orders. But when they came after him, they failed and only succeeded in kidnapping his young daughter.
Jump ahead 5 years - half a decade of endless searching and horrible depression and Jay Sullivan finally has a clue that looks promising. The question is, can he sober up enough to follow it.
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2 Kill Them Quickly Kill Them Quickly
Written by Ed Grace
Copyright: 2020

A very drunk Jay Sullivan is shown mercy by a stranger and taken to that man's farm to sleep it off. Leaving the next day, Sullivan sees a gang heading to his benefactor's home so he doubled back. He was not in time to save the life of the older man but that man's daughter comes home, Sullivan knows his sense of duty requires he keep her alive even if it means killing everyone who posed a threat.
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3 The Bars That Hold Me The Bars That Hold Me
Written by Ed Grace
Copyright: 2020

Jay Sullivan witnesses a horrible terrorist attack that killed hundreds. His reaction was normal for him nowadays - he got drunk. But then he is asked by the government to help prevent another two planned attacks and to do that he must get himself arrested and sent to a prison to spy on the terrorists' leader. That will be highly dangerous but made so much more complicated when his handlers are taken off-line and he is on his own.
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4 A Deadly Weapon A Deadly Weapon
Written by Ed Grace
Copyright: 2021

"Jay Sullivan has an opportunity he’s only dreamt of – the ability to clear his name and expose the government for what they’ve done to him. But will it come at the cost of his estranged daughter’s life?"
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5 Target Acquired Target Acquired
Written by Ed Grace
Copyright: 2022

"Jay Sullivan has a choice – escape capture and remain a free man, or save the FBI agent who arrested him. ... Can Sullivan rediscover the assassin he once was and stop the domestic terrorists determined to shed blood? Or will more lives be lost because of his incompetence?"
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Alright, the whole "take out an eye with a spoon" made me shiver - a lot. I mean, yuch! And this is from a guy who reads action adventure stories all the time. Kill me if you must but please, leave my eyes and my lower parts alone. At least until I have shuffled off this mortal coil.

However, knowing that the guy after me has the inclination to do such a thing, well, talk about a deterrent. If I were a bad guy, I'd be finding a less bad line of work.

Of course, that would make these stories a lot less interesting and I would not want that. These are action packed and I want to keep them that way. And get more.


My Grade: B+


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