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Full Name: Anna Goode
Series Name: The Secret Life of Anna Goode
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Other - Student

Creator: Nicole Nadeau
Time Span: 2019 - 2023


Anna Goode is a student.

In the fact sheet above she is listed as associated with the CIA and she will be but first and foremost she is a high school student. She is a very unhappy one, at least at the school where she had once been, if not popular at least not tormented, but since the b***h Amber showed up, the halls of the building were a minefield of terror. But in the lab, or at home where she also did her tinkering, well, there she was in her element.

Goode is an inventor. She is also a genius. "Her intelligence wasn't something she bragged about. With an IQ of a hundred sixty-eight, eight points higher than Einstein's, a part of her felt special. Proud that she stood out. But another part of her hated it. More and more often, she felt like it isolated her. Anyone who found out would stare at her like she was an alien. They would avoid her and whisper as she passed, calling her a freak." That is the word that Amber especially loved to fling at her - 'freak'. In truth, the only thing different about her, the only freakish aspect to her, was that she was way smart.

Well, that and she is incredibly introverted, possibly from having people stare (gawk) at her when she said or did something to show just how intelligent she was. Over time, especially ever since b***h Amber transferred into the school, she had lost most of her friends and was down to just a couple. But when one of them is the hunky football-playing Jake, that isn't a bad thing.

Still, her being very smart and very shy is not why she gets connected to the Agency. That comes in when someone (you need to read the first adventure), a very nasty Russian, learns of something she had invented and decides she is the one to finish a project another man had started and that the Russian needed to do some very bad things. That other man couldn't finish because he was killed, along with his wife whom the Russian was holding as leverage.

So, bad Russian will try to coerce her into working for him by kidnapping her family and the CIA will step in to stop the Russian and that is how they learn how way smart she is.

And just in case you were wondering, once Langley learns something or someone useful, they don't forget.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2023

1 Death By Midnight Death By Midnight
Written by Nicole Nadeau
Copyright: 2019

"When her inventions put her loved ones in danger, can this brilliant teen rescue them from hostile international agents?
Anna Goode feels her gift is more of a curse. Bullied at school for her high IQ, the sixteen-year-old genius can’t even tell her parents about her clever contraptions for fear they’ll treat her differently. But when a Russian madman kidnaps her family and demands she build him a doomsday device, her sharp mind is the only thing that can save them."
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2 Second Strike Second Strike
Written by Nicole Nadeau
Copyright: 2023

"Anna Goode can’t wait to put her brilliant mind to work. Officially part of the CIA’s undercover unit of talented teenagers, the gifted inventor splits her time between tinkering and espionage instruction. And now she’s been tasked to protect a US congressional delegation from a cunning enemy’s destabilizing hack.
Slipping into London under the guise of innocent spring-breakers to expose the hacker, Anna’s laser-focused hunt gets derailed when she’s ambushed and tased. Suspecting a traitorous mole could destroy their mission, the whip-smart teen rallies her fellow young operatives for a counter-attack… only to discover another danger threatening to be far worse.
Can Anna and her team foil a devastating plot before they’re stopped in their tracks?"
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Kill Order Kill Order
Written by Nicole Nadeau
Copyright: 2020

A prequel to the books.
A father’s revenge. A son’s mission. And an order that will tear him apart.

Nineteen year old Ivan Komarov has prepared his whole life to help his father carry out his revenge. But when Ivan has the chance to prove himself, he falters. His task: kill an innocent woman.
Can he really take someone’s life?
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The story of a teenager who is super bright and not at all appreciated by peers or family. I'd like to pretend that was me many decades ago but, nah! Not even close. So I take some pleasure out of being able to read about someone else.

These two tales are meant for young readers, especially but not solely females and they are pretty well written; good enough to hold the attention of someone who is neither young nor female.

When I finished the second, I looked for more but alas, what I list here is what there is.


My Grade: B


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