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Full Name: Ralph Wells and Sammy Gorase
Series Name: The Perfect Warrior
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. Ray Vinson
Time Span: 2012 - 2021


Ralph Wells, aka the Perfect Warrior, is an agent of the American President.

The other man listed above, Sammy Gorase, is his partner who also serves at the pleasure of the Chief Executive. The two men are best friends and have gone through a good deal together before Wells offers his talents 'in person' and before long the two are heavily involved in missions directly sanctioned by that leader.

I put quotes around a phrase because 'in person' would mean the two were in close proximity to each other which is true but this meeting was different in that Wells could see the President quite clearly but the reverse was not true; Wells was invisible.

Now you likely understand the reason for the word 'perfect' above; a warrior that can see the enemy but who himself cannot be seen might now be totally 'perfect' but it is one immense advantage.

To provide some history to this remarkable ability, we head back to 1999 and a man named Steve Vining who had just earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT, his thesis being "the study of chemicals created by animals' brains to defend themselves". He got a job teaching in a college and had his life planned. Then 9/11 and the loss of his father in the Towers changed all that.

Vining, who was in excellent shape thanks for a love of martial arts, joined the Marines and was sent to OCS at Quantico. There he met fellow Gorase, a former SEAL who switched services. The two hit it off immediately and though their assignments would take them different placed, they remained friends.

Fast forward a few years and we find Vining determined to find a way to turn his expertise in animal camouflage abilities to work to fight terrorism. That is when he came upon his solution, literally. 

Now for reasons best read in the adventures, Vining would change his identity, with the help of the President, to become a new man; taking his new name from Ralph Ellison and H.G. Wells, both authors with books titled The Invisible Man. He would get assigned to work with him his old friend and experienced Marine, Gorase, and the two would become a powerful weapon in the President's arsenal.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Perfect Warrior The Perfect Warrior
Written by L. Ray Vinson
Copyright: 2012

"Ralph Wells and Sammy Gorase are covert agents directly under the US President . They are given special assignments including destroying the drug trade in the United States. Through heroic and hair raising efforts they manage to do serious damage to the import and distribution of illegal drugs."
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2 Revenge Revenge
Written by L. Ray Vinson
Copyright: 2015

"Ralph and Sammy continue their exploits as "Perfect Warrior" agents directly under the President. They are sent to Columbia where they encounter the most dreaded of the drug lords, their mission is to destroy the ability of the cartel to operate. They discover there is a working relationship between the drug cartel and the FARC guerillas who want to overthrow the Columbian government and a separate but dangerous cartel operating out of Mexico City. The unit is expanded and has exciting episodes with harm coming to two of the members."
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3 Hunted Hunted
Written by L. Ray Vinson
Copyright: 2021

"A foiled execution in a remote village in Afghanistan causes its mastermind, Hasmir Amid, anxiety. The wealthy, power-hungry Jihadist terrorist realizes that the US covert unit was behind the failure of his perfectly-planned execution. Meanwhile, Diego Pedero, the once most feared drug lord of Columbia, is sitting in his prison cell, outraged that he was caught and incarcerated by the same unit. With their unquenchable thirst for revenge, the two men unite to fight the unit and make them pay for their losses, willing to rid of anything or anyone that gets in their way."
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Three adventures out in 2012, 2015, and 2021. The author is definitely in no hurry. I'm guessing he had lots and lots of other things to do.

I loved the homage to both Ellison and Wells. I have enjoyed other adventures in which the main character was invisible and I especially like these. I was pleased with the nice twist of having the unseen operative work directly for the President.

I do now know if there will be any more adventures of this 'Perfect Warrior' or not - time will tell. But if there are, I will gladly give it or them a read.


My Grade: B


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