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Full Name: Jacob Snow
Series Name: The Spy Game
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Mars
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Jacob Snow is an agent with the CIA.

When we are introduced to him in the first recorded adventure, he is not having a particularly good day thanks to being tied to a chair and receiving painful blows from a fist. That fist belonged to a member of an Al Qaeda splinter group and the chair was in a house in the suburbs of Damascus. When physical beating did not get them the info they wanted and the suggestions of severing fingers is broached as the next stage in the torture, that is when Snow felt it time to make use of an unusual skill taught him by his parents as a child - he used a special maneuver to dislocate one shoulder, pull that arm from of the restraints, pop it back into place, and then repeat the process for the other side. After that painful procedure, subduing the three torturers seemed almost anticlimactic.

That trick, as mentioned, had been taught him when he was little. It would have been fascinating to learn more about his upbringing but (as of this writing) we know very little except the tantalizing: "Some kids dreamed of running away and joining the circus. Jacob didn't have to. He grew up in the circus".

The part we do get told a good deal about concerning Snow before he went to work for the Agency is not as fun to imagine. He was a proud member of the elite U.S. Army Rangers, serving yet another tour in Afghanistan, when the horror happened. Weeks of constant stress and tension and danger led up to a terrible incident in which the squad team he was in "snapped". Snow watched his fellow soldiers retaliate an ambush by taking their anger out on villagers; rather than watch more innocents die, Snow had fought his own side.

"That's when Jacob's mind broke", is what we are told. That followed by months of his living in the mountain region on his own until a CIA agent named Peters, sent to eliminate him, decided to save him instead. A considerable amount of time later, Snow went to work for the Agency.

The name Peters will play an important role in Snow's life beyond the man who saved him and gave him a new life. His grown daughter, Dr. Jana Peters, a noted archaeologist, will somewhat unwillingly get thrust into Snow's sphere and whether they want it or not, the two will become enmeshed. Dr. Peters may not have Snow's fighting skills or inclinations, but it would be a bad mistake to discount her in any way.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

1 Target One Target One
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2022

When an ancient Egyptian relic goes missing under mysterious circumstances, Jacob knows this is no run-of-the-mill robbery: the relic holds a secret—one that could destroy everything.
Jacob seeks out a mysterious and beautiful archeologist, whose brilliance is needed on the case. Together, they must partner to decode the archeological riddles and stop the terrorists before it is too late.
Yet as they race to recover the stolen artifact, they soon find themselves in the midst of a conspiracy bigger than anything they could have imagined—and time is quickly running out.
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2 Target Two Target Two
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2022

"When a terrorist group sets its eyes on the greatest archeological treasure of the holiest city, Jacob, dispatched, knows he has little time to reach Jerusalem before it sparks an international war.
Jacob knows, even more, that he cannot solve the case without partnering with the mysterious archeologist he hopes to not fall in love with.
As they spring into action to decode the ancient riddles and stop them, they soon realize the plot goes deeper than they could have imagined. With the fate of the world in the balance, they may just be out of time."
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3 Target Three Target Three
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2023

"A new terrorist group arises with a terrifying weapon: a deadly disease, lying dormant underwater for centuries. If unleashed, it will wreak unimaginable destruction—and Jacob is the only one who can stop it.
But the path to finding it lies through an ancient relic. And the only one brilliant enough to unravel its symbolism is Jana, Jacob’s mysterious partner and archeologist.
Together, they must find and stop the terrorists before its too late. But in a shocking twist, Jacob realizes that his own path may just come back to bring him down."
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4 Target Four Target Four
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2023

"Archeologists are found murdered in the wake of discovering a mysterious, precious relic, deep in the jungles of South America, and Jacob Snow, elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, finds himself in a race against time to uncover the mysterious motives. Not only is this ancient relic priceless, but it could unsettle world security.
Jacob knows he must turn once again to his mysterious partner and archeologist to help decode the riddle. Who would kill for a mythical object, and why?"
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5 Target Five Target Five
Written by Jack Mars, Jack Mars

"A CIA agent, posing as an archeologist in Pakistan, is arrested, and world security hinges on what he knows—and what he found. Jacob Snow, elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, with his mysterious archeologist partner, must race against time to find him, and to free him, before it’s too late.

But at every turn the mystery deepens—and time is running out."
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6 Target Six Target Six
Written by Jack Mars, Jack Mars
Copyright: 2023

"After a brazen theft from the basement of the Louvre, a terrorist organization holds a mysterious, un-catalogued relic for ransom. When a pyramid is destroyed—and hundreds killed—the stakes escalate, with other high-profile targets—and civilian lives—in their sights. With lives on the line, Jacob Snow, elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, must team up with his mysterious archeologist partner to figure out what they stole, who they are—and how to stop them before it’s too late."
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7 Target Seven Target Seven
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2023

"The hunt for a legendary lost artifact has Jacob in a wild chase across the Mediterranean, in a race against time to catch the nefarious organization after it. But in a shocking twist, when Jacob realizes who the artifact is destined for, the stakes could not be higher—or more dangerous."
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I mentioned recently when I was entering another of the really enjoyable action series from the mind of Jack Mars that I liked everything he did, starting with his Luke Stone and including even more so his Agent Zero adventures. The Jacob Snow books do nothing to minimize that appreciation. The author just oozes ... wait, no matter how I end that, it'll be weird.

Mr. Mars is a terrific storyteller with lots and lots of imagination and the skill to draw us into his worlds. I have visited several now and loved the journey. I am sure I will continue that for some time.


My Grade: B+


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