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Full Name: Janusz Soltani
Nationality: American
Organization: Unit 81
Occupation Agent

Creator: M. J. Javani
Time Span: 2019 - 2022


Janusz Soltani is an agent with Unit 81.

That departmental name is the only one given to a private intelligence organization whose existence is a carefully controlled secret. Not that many people know about it or exactly what its mission is, which is exactly as the founder and director, Tony Volpe, wants it.

Volpe is himself known to much larger number though it is as president of High Risk Capital (HRC), a highly successful "private equity firm that specialized in buying and selling small to medium-sized businesses", all of which were outside the U.S. While most companies of its type had their HQs in New York City, HRC was located in a gorgeous building filled with white Italian marble in Herndon, VA, a city outside DC which also had a large number of defense contracting companies.

Volpe had felt that the government's intelligence agencies were too dependent on the whims of the White House or Congress, molding their findings to fit the latest mood and therefore being less than effective. Volpe left his high-level position in one of those agencies and made use his family's very prominent Wall Street business contacts to woo wealthy like-minded investors to fund Unit 81, a private firm not stymied by those same whims. HRC was created to be the public cover for Unit 81. With the impressive amount of holdings around the world that it had amassed over the last couple decades, HRC had ample reason for sending its representatives to any and all hotspots without being suspected of anything more; those representatives often being highly trained and skilled operatives for Unit 81.

Soltani was one of those agents, if not the best, that Unit 81 employed. At HRC he was the "principal analyst on the Middle East, and his opinion was sought in these matters". His ability to speak fluently Polish, Russian, Persian, and Arabic helped tremendously as did his personal background; he was the son of an Iranian father and a Polish mother who were both immigrants to the US and who had many relatives back where they came from.

"Toned and strong, he had what most considered a handsome face. His ability to blend in anywhere he traveled was the most remarkable aspect of his features. His skin could shift from fair to olive depending on his level of exposure to the sun. His eyes and his hair looked natural no matter what color he chose to give them. These characteristics were invaluable to his work."

A man likely in his early 40s, Soltani has many years of experience working in both HRC and Unit 81.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Buraq Project The Buraq Project
Written by M. J. Javani
Copyright: 2019

"A hardline faction in the Iranian regime is secretly working to develop a weapon to hasten the return of their hidden prophet, the Imam Mehdi."
When it learns of this plot, Unit 81 dispatches Janusz Soltani to find a way to stop the Iranians before millions of Americans die.
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2 Operation Devil's Vengeance Operation Devil's Vengeance
Written by M. J. Javani
Copyright: 2020

"After the attempt to sabotage his regime’s missile program, the supreme leader of Iran wants revenge. 
His top general, a commander of terrorist armies around the world, has a plan. A clandestine team of scientists is working overtime to harness nature’s most destructive force. When The Unit’s top operative, Janusz Soltani, discovers the truth about Iran’s biological weapon, he has one chance to stop a deadly outbreak."

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3 The Billionaire's Conspiracy The Billionaire's Conspiracy
Written by M. J. Javani
Copyright: 2022

" A group of anarchists is planning to attack the White House. They are supported by a rapacious billionaire with a secret agenda.
Across the Potomac River, someone is systematically killing members of a private intelligence company, Unit 81. A trusted liaison points the finger at the Russians. But all is not as it seems. When the Unit’s top operative, Janusz Soltani, discovers the truth about their enemies, his wife is mysteriously kidnapped. Time is running out to rescue her from a horrible end."
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Soltani is definitely a man who loves adventure. Why else would he keep heading into trouble year after year. He is also someone quite capable of handling himself in violent, dangerous situations because he is able to get himself back out of that trouble each time. Not unscathed, of course.

Being the wife of Soltani, though, is not a condition to be entered into lightly. People wanting to hurt him, well, here is an easier target. Not too smart in the long run for those folks but in the meantime, it is his wife who ... boy, can I harp on odd things.

Lots and lots of action here.


My Grade: B+


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